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Promotes the development of life skills in recycling and growing food.

Create a native collage using Australian animal figurines and natural materials. 

Spider Web Art

Category Art and Craft

Create a spider web painting using string.

Sand Pool

Create your own sand pit for a great sensory expereince. 

Salty Art

Category Art and Craft

Use simple kitchen ingredient 'Table Salt' as part of your Art n Craft experience. Add water colour or food colouring to the salt to create a new medium for children to experience and paint with or to create a work of art.

Use the game of charades to act out rhyming words. 

Ice Cube Painting

Category Art and Craft

Use ice to paint with in this activity.

Develop a child’s creativity skills through story telling.

A hand print keep sake which includes a poem. 

Jelly Art

Category Art and Craft

A tasty art activity using jelly.

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