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This quick art is easy and enables children to create their own fireworks with chalk. Children can create their own fireworks designs and colours to make their own unique fireworks display.

The Department Of NSW has produced a special picture book to support a child's transition to primary school called Daisy's First Day.

The Rainbow Collage Sorting Mats enable children to sort the different coloured objects into the correct coloured sorting mat. This is great for children learning their colours and to help children to identify objects of different colours in their everyday environment.

Pop See Ko

Category Rhymes and Songs

This silly song is quite easy and interesting. Children can repeat the lines of the song and also follow learn to follow directions by following the dance moves. Children will develop their cognitive skills, gross motor skills and creativity. The jingle of the song is also very catchy and will be grasped easily by children. 

Name Collage

Category Art and Craft

A fun activity for children to collage their name and get to know each other.

Easy to make fingerpaints using ingredients around the house.

Edible Paint

Category Art and Craft

Editable paint that babies and toddlers can enjoy to use while painting.

Puffy Paint

Category Art and Craft

Children will have fun painting with puffy paint which puffs up when it dries. 

Leaf Monsters

Category Art and Craft

Develop creativity with this fun activity using leaves.

Nature Head

Category Art and Craft

Use natural materials to create natural hair on faces.

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