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Pop See Ko

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Pop See Ko

This silly song is quite easy and interesting. Children can repeat the lines of the song and also follow learn to follow directions by following the dance moves. Children will develop their cognitive skills, gross motor skills and creativity. The jingle of the song is also very catchy and will be grasped easily by children. 

Hey what?
Are you ready?
For what?
To pop
Pop what?
Pop See Ko!
My hands are high
My feet are low
And this is how I pop see ko
His hands are high
His feet are low
And this is how I pop see ko
Pop see ko
Pop-pop see ko
Pop see ko
Pop-pop see ko

Hints and Tips

  • This is an action song. So teach the children the song with actions.
  • The action for pop see ko is left up to you. You can teach them many actions for this. Some of them are –
    Rolling your hands
    Waving one hand up and the other one down
    Doing sit-ups
    Rotating your hips
    Clapping your hands
    Snapping your fingers
  • One interesting activity that we can do using this song is to make the children stand in a circle. Now they need to start with one child and he/she should sing the song by adding the name of the child beside. So when he starts he will sing “hey Neil!” if the name of the child beside him is Neil. In this way, they continue to sing until they come back to the starting child. This will be a good way for the kids to memorise the names of their friends. 
  • The kids can do various sort of actions that involves the movement of their body parts.
    Children can make their own actions for pop see ko if they are comfortable.


  • Youtube channel – Koo Koo Kanga Roo


Created On February 2, 2023 Last modified on Thursday, February 2, 2023
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