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Pretend play is the acting out of stories by children that involves make-believe characters, emotions and situations.
The Children Of The World Posters show children from around the world.
The Staff Ratios and Adequate Supervision information, for NSW early childhood services, has been revised and updated by the NSW Regulatory Authority, NSW Department Of Education.
When playing with things, children are usually attracted to those that are colourful, easily handled, made up of many components and allow enough room for their curiosity.
The Birthday Colouring Pages are a great way to celebrate children's birthdays.
Play-based learning uses playful experiences in which children have some degree of agency and control as opportunities for teaching a range of skills and competencies.
Art with its many sensory experiences has been found to aid brain development by increasing the number of neural pathways, especially in early childhood.
Literacy skills cover the ability to read and write words, sentences and language.
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