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We are so excited to announce that "Aussie Childcare Network" is now available as a Mobile App. You can now access our website through your mobile device.
The Celebrating Holi template can be used by Educators to show the Holi celebrations that occur at the service and then can be added to the child's portfolio.
The following article provides information on how children can benefit from being barefoot and how you facilitate the process. A child being barefoot can stimulate a variety of senses for children. The feeling of cool prickly grass in the shade, the warm soft grass in the sun, the gritty concrete path, the stones that prick their toes, expanding and bending…
Holi is celebrated on 18 March. It is an Indian Hindu festival of colours. As it celebrates in spring, it is called the “Festival of Spring.” In India, it is a holiday, celebrated wide across the country. Children also celebrate by applying colour to each other.
It can be difficult for young children to listen to others. On one hand, the little brains are still struggling with impulse control while on the other, they are at a developmental stage where they have started asserting their individuality.
Educators, like all other professionals, stand to benefit from feedback.
The Alphabet Activity Mats are a great way for children who are learning and beginning to recognise letters of the alphabet.
The Animal Letters Posters are great for children to recognise animals that match with each letter of the alphabet.
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