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Appsessment, the Childcare App for Educators, has a new update and you can now generate Daily Information Widgets Reports and Attendance Reports. You can generate reports based on dates that list each child and their record entries on that date (or) based on a child with a listing of each date and its daily records in a nice table format.

With these updates, we feel the widget's features are pretty complete since you now have a choice of 8 different widgets to document the daily records of children, ability to customise these widgets as per your needs and also able to generate reports and export these reports to PDF. We hope you find great use of these new features.

For more details of these features, please read the following: Appsessment 2.9 - Widgets Reports

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Since our release of Daily Information Widgets in Appsessment from our last version, we have received a lot of great feedback from our users and we are very happy to see many of our users loving our new widgets feature. We listened to your feedback and we have now released another update with more improvements based on your requests.

The following features are now available as part of version 2.8 update:

1. Create Sunscreen Application and Water Records:
The Daily Information Widgets in Appsessment is now updated with 2 new widgets to record Water and Sunscreen Application. This means you can now record 8 daily widgets for children such as Attendance, Bottle Feeding, Eating, Sleep & Rest Time, Nappy Change, Toileting, Sunscreen and Water.

2. Widget Notifications Settings:
Some of the parents did not want to receive notifications on each widget updates and therefore we have added a new Widget Notifications Setting in your App's Admin Panel -> Settings -> App Settings page. Here you can enable or disable widget notifications in your App. This combined with Parents Email Notifications Setting will help you control the notifications sent to parents from your App.

3. Mark Attendance in Bulk:
You can now sign-in multiple children at once in Attendance widget based on room, days of attendance, names, etc, similar to the other widgets.

4. Attendance Total Counts and Room Counts:
The Admin Panel's Dashboard page now shows the number of children signed in as attending for the day in each room and the total number of children signed in across the service.

5. See who has viewed the Documentation:
You can now see which parents have viewed the documentation that you create from your App. Sometimes parents might not like or comment but might read or look at it. Now you can see who are viewing the updates and the number of people who have viewed it from the Timeline page and in the Documentation Details page.

6. Preview Documentation without leaving the page:
Sometimes you may wish to quickly view the documentation without going back and forth from the current page. It is now possible to preview the details when locating documentation in the following pages:

  • Documentation List Page.
  • Documentation Advanced Search Page.
  • Child Profile Page.
  • Parent Profile Page.
  • Educator Profile Page.

7. Setting to disable Category Tags:
You can now enable or disable the default or custom category tags in your App. This means, if you do not want the default tags listed when choosing the category tags in documentation form page, you can disable them by going to your App's Admin Panel -> Settings -> Category Tags page.

Apart from these, there are a lot of new features released in this new update. 

For more details on all our improvements, please read the following: Appsessment Version 2.8

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The Most Requested Feature Is Finally Here in Appsessment, the Documentation App created by Aussie Childcare Network! You can now create Daily Information Widgets in Appsessment which enable Educators to mark Attendance and create daily records of children to inform Parents of their child's Eating, Bottle Feeding, Sleep and Rest Time, Nappy Changing and Toileting while in care. With this new feature, Appsessment is now more than just a Documentation App. When creating a Widget update, the Parents are instantly notified of their child's record and the updates are displayed in their Timeline page which ensures they are kept up to date with their child's daily routine.

Appsessment has implemented the Daily Information Widgets in a very unique way that is extremely efficient and also helps both Educators and Parents to keep track of each individual child's routine. It makes the entire process more simplified and you can easily create child records in your App.

We didn't stop it at that. We took it a step further and made these widgets to be easily customisable as well. This means, you can edit the default widget forms and use whatever fields and headings you would like to have in them. In Appsessment we believe an App should give you the ultimate flexibility to customise things so you can document exactly the way you want it. We have used the same approach for this widgets feature as well so you can use the default form or create custom widget forms to record your daily information of children in your centre.

Initially, we did not have plans to have a separate feature to record daily routine in Appsessment. But it quickly became the most requested feature from both educators and parents. That made us very excited to include this in our roadmap and our development teams worked hard on it for the past 4 months and have come up with a way which we feel is the best way to record these information through an App. We feel this new feature fits really well in Appsessment and also compliments very well with all our existing features along with the unique way of implementation that Appsessment is known for. We really feel you will absolutely enjoy this new great addition to Appsessment.

Click here to read more on the list of changes included in this release.

If you are not using Appsessment yet, you really should give it a try today. With Appsessment, you can have all in one place. You can document children, create custom templates, send parent reminders, request parent inputs, generate reports, record child daily routine, upload photos, videos, files and do so much more. Click here to get started with 14 days money back guarantee period.

Appsessment has been updated to Version 2.6 and this is a maintenance release which also includes changes to the QKLG Framework to reflect the latest changes in 2019. Along with this, there are also other minor enhancements with improved push notification messages, enhanced layout for tablets and other minor fixes to reported issues.

For a full list of changes: Appsessment Version 2.6 

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Push Notification is here! Appsessment, the documentation app for educators, is now updated with a very useful feature for parents and educators - receive push notifications from Appsessment using the mobile app and even from your browser. This allows parents and educators to receive alerts directly on their device and easily stay updated on all new notifications from your centre's app.
This feature is available in both Android and iOS version of the Appsessment mobile app as well as the web application when you access Appsessment from your internet browser.
Get started with Appsessment today and start documenting children at your centre in a more streamlined way. Once you try it, you will find Appsessment making your life so much more easier. Our plan starts from just $10 a month that includes all features such as creating documentation and updating parents directly, upload photo and videos, create custom templates, generate reports, send private messages to parents, adjust the app settings based on your requirements, etc. There are a lot of features in Appsessment which will be very helpful for all centres.
Appsessment is a documentation app created by Aussie Childcare Network for educators in LDC, FDC and OOSH centres. 
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Appsessment version 2.4 is now released and this update has new improvements to the search and filter options that makes it easy for you to locate the documentation based on specific outcomes or framework, generate reports on a particular educator, sort custom templates and default templates and more.

Appsessment, the Childcare Documentation App created by Aussie Childcare Network, has been updated to version 2.3 and the latest update includes the following features:

Appsessment has been updated to version 2.2 and in this maintenance release we have included the following new features:

1. Select contacts based on groups in Private Messages
2. Private Messages Settings in Admin Panel
3. Discard Parent Input requests in Parents Timeline
4. Maintenance Updates

For detailed information on the above new features, please click on the following link: Appsessment 2.2 Released - Select Groups in Messages, Private Message Settings and Discard Parent Inputs

If you are yet to try Appsessment, you should give it a try now. Our plans start at just $10 a month and you should give it a trial. Once you get used to it, you will be amazed to see how unique Appsessment is and how easy Appsessment manages all documentation for you at your centre.

Private Messages feature now avaiable On Appsessment!

You can now send Private Messages to Educators and Parents in Appsessment! In this version release, we have introduced a Private Message feature so you can send private messages to your contacts in your Service App.

You can send messages directly to your App Contacts, including Educators and Parents and Parents can also send messages directly to Educators from their portal.

This is a great way to have private conversations with both Educators and Parents and to keep information confidential.

For more information: Appsessment 2.1 - Private Messages

If you have not yet tried Appsessment, get started today with 14 days money back guarantee period so you can trial Appsessment risk-free.

Do you know Aussie Childcare Network is the creator of Appsessment, the Childcare Documentation App for Early Childhood Settings? We are happy to announce the release of Appsessment 2.0 with a brand new look and design bringing you a whole new user interactivity and experience as well as many new features that both Parents and Educators will love.

Appsessment can be used by any Early Childhood Settings, including Long Daycare, Family Daycare, OOSH, Preschools, Schools, Creches, Nannies and more!

By using Appsessment, you can create Documentation using any Template and send updates directly to Parents, upload Photos and Videos, attach Files, Interlink Documentation, send Parent Input Forms, Parent Reminders, Newsletters, Incident Reports, Link to Australian approved Framework Outcomes, generate Reports to analyse various aspects of child's achievements, add comments, likes and do so much more.

Appsessment will increase the interaction with parents, keeps them up to date on what's happening with their child at your service and makes the entire process more streamlined taking care of everything for you. Check it out today!

We sincerely hope you will love Appsessment 2.0 and we feel this release will totally amaze you. You have 14 days money back guarantee period so if you are yet to try Appsessment, get started today.

Click here to read more about the latest release and its features: Version 2 Release

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