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Appsessment 3.0 - Complete Rework On Layout and Design

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Appsessment 3.0 - Complete Rework On Layout and Design
Have you been looking around for a Childcare Documentation App that allows you to complete all documentation required within a service and interact with parents? If it's a YES! We, at Aussie Childcare Network, are proud to present you with the release of Appsessment version 3.
This version has by far been the biggest update to Appsessment since its launch. We did a complete rework on Appsessment's design, user interactivity and its structure itself which makes it even easier to use and still maintaining the unique streamlined approach that Appsessment is known for.

Appsessment is our take on how a Documentation App should look, behave, and connect educators and parents at a service. As one of the most important and anticipated version releases, follow the link below to see the amazing changes introduced in Appsessment 3.0 update.

Get started with Appsessment today and start documenting digitally.

Should you require any assistance at all, feel free to reach us and we will assist you right away. We truly hope that you will enjoy what Appsessment has to offer as a well-designed documentation app for all early childhood centres.
Click here to check out the version 3 update in Appsessment: Appsessment - Documentation App
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