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We have added a few big features in Appsessment, our Documentation App for Educators, that you will absolutely love. In this release, we have mainly focussed on the features to increase Parent Involvement. 

For this Version 1.3 update, we have now created the features to send Parent Input Forms and Parent Reminders. These features makes Appsessment stand apart giving you the ultimate flexibility to use the App for tasks that are more than just documenting children. Let's take a look at some of the key highlights of the features released in this version:

  • Parent Input Form - You can now send Parent Input Forms to parents directly from your centre's app. 
  • Parent Reminders - You can now create Parent Reminders from your App and select the Parents you wish to send the reminders to. 
  • Auto Select Children and Parents - While completing the documentation, you can now easily auto select Children based on their rooms or select all Children automatically without needing to manually select each child one by one.
  • Emoji Support - We have now added support for Emoji Icons
  • Easy Logins - We have made it easier for logins so you are not required to complete the anti-spam captcha check everytime you login. 
  • News Page -  We have created the News page on our website so all updates are posted directly in our Appsessment website itself.

Read the following link, for a full list of features and updates during this release: Appsessment Version 1.3 Release

Appsessment now has a new "Virtual Tour" feature.

Create an App with Appsessment and now you can take a full Virtual Tour of Appsessment's features in the Admin Panel of your Centre's App. The tour will highlight and briefly explain each of the features of Appsessment and show you how to get started with a demo! This will give you the confidence to begin using Appsessment for your documentation. 

So, why wait! Take the Virtual Tour today by creating your App!

Click here to go to: Appsessment 

We have now released Version 1.1 of Appsessment with updated features and enhancements. Some of the features that we have included are requests received from our users and we are happy to include them in this update. If you have any requests on features do let us know, so we can include them in Appsessment. 

Appsessment now has the following new features:

  • 8 Brand New Default templates (Photo Observation. Developmental Milestones, Jottings, Artwork Sample, Time Sample, Behaviour Management Plan, Outdoor Program Plan, My Birthday). 
  • Ability to Duplicate Documentation Records and make changes as needed to save time.
  • Export to PDF file to print Learning Outcomes without background colour, to save ink.
  • Parents can contact centre from the Centres page from their Parent Portal. 
  • Centre page lists Educators within the centre, along with their role. 
  • Updated Tutorials with more details to take you step by step in setting up your App. 

and a lot more enhancements!

We have many more features to implement and we have already started working on some amazing features for Version 1.2, which will be released shortly. Adding more features and enhancements is our continued promise to keep Appsessment in active development and to make Appsessment the most powerful documentation tool for educators. 

Enjoy the new features! If you are yet to try Appsessment, you have to try it. We offer 14 days money back guarantee so you can try it risk free. 

Follow the link to check to check it out: Appsessment

On Saturday, 11 March we released Appsessment!

It's been a week now since we released "Appsessment" - our Documentation App for Educators and Parents. We have had a very positive experience from our early childhood community since the release of our digital documentation app and I very much thank you for your support! 

We, at Aussie Childcare Network, have already started working on version 1.1 for our Appsessment App where we will be adding, even more, features and enhancements. This shows the active development we are doing with Appsessment and we will be rolling out more features based on the feedbacks and requests we receive from our users. We really appreciate your ideas, we listen to you and your feedback. So keep it coming! 

Let me assure you that Appsessment has many more features to go (we have a lot more ideas to include) to make it the best documentation App available for educators. We want our App to be a perfect balance between necessity and efficiency instead of creating a big bloatware with unnecessary tools and complication. Hence we wanted to test the water first, rather than put so many features all at once. We will continually update our features based on what you want Appsessment to have and what we feel will work best for you. Remember, Appsessment will continually be in active development and we will be rolling out more and more features based on your requests. 

Over the next week around March 25-26, we will be releasing Version 1.1 of Appsessment which will include the following new features: 

  • Ability to Duplicate Documentation to copy a record and make changes as needed to save time.
  • 8 brand new Default templates that takes the total default templates count to 12!
  • PDF Export to print documentation without background colours for Learning Outcomes to save on ink.
  • Feature for Parents to email Centre directly from the Centres page.
  • Centres page to list Educators along with Centre details to Parents.
  • A lot more enhancements and fixes.
  • Our work for Version 1.1 has already started, almost completed and we are set to release these updates the coming weekend. 

If you have any specific features or would like to share your experience with Appsessment, please write to us! We would love to hear from you!  We want to make it the perfect app for you so let us know what you think!

Also, if you have any questions or would like us to delve into more details to take you through step-by-step in setting up your centre's app, don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach us on:

If you haven't checkout out Appsessment yet, try it out now. You can cancel within 14 days and receive full money back guarantee. You have to trial it to understand the amazing features of Appsessment!

Go to: Appsessment

Finally, it's here! We are very happy to announce that our brand new App for educators "Appsessment" is out now!! 

For all educators looking for a professional and efficient digital documentation tool, come and have a look at Appsessment! You will definitely be surprised! 

An overview:

Appsessment is a solution to handle all day to day paperwork on documenting children digitally. This means you don't need to use MS Word, PDF, Papers or different apps for each type of observations, learning stories, programming, etc. Our App is developed to replace all that and allows you the freedom to document children's learning in your own way.

  • Appsessment can be used from any device (laptops, desktops, tablets, mobiles etc). 
  • When you sign up as the owner you are in charge of the App and it's personalised to your centre. 
  • You can invite other educators to join (grant them permissions based on their job role).
  • Using Appsessment you and your educators create documentation for children, which includes links to the NQS and the Approved Frameworks.
  • Interlink documentation to room children which saves you from doubling up on the writing, add category tags and interlink documentation within each other.
  • Pre-designed templates for Observation, Learning Story, Daily Diary and Curriculum Plan. 
  • It's fully customisable where you can even create your own template. 
  • You are not limited to documentation, you can also create forms such as Behaviour Management Plans, Child Reports, Photo Observations, Work Samples etc. The scope is limitless.
  • Each of your documentation needs can be created and customised by you.

Included in your personalised App is a Parent Portal when you invite parents. Each parent is given their own invite code and each has their personalised portal to go to. When a parent goes to their portal they see all the documentation on their timeline related to their child. This is updated live, each time an educator creates a documentation in their centre app and parents receive an email stating that there is new documentation available to view. With the documentation they can view documentation of their child, they can like, comment, download etc. Parents also have a personalised gallery which includes photos of their child. 

That is just the gist of it. We have so many features that will really benefit educators in creating high-quality documentation for each individual child and to share with parents at the centre. 

I can't stress this enough on how Appsessment will introduce you to a whole new way of documenting, assessing and sharing child experiences. The only way to truly experience it, is to come and try it out for yourself and then you can understand the possibilities of Appsessment. 

Click here to view: Appsessment

We are finally unveiling the App Name for our brand new Documentation App and its official release date.

We are very pleased to introduce to you, our much awaited documentation App, called "Appsessment"! 

About 2 weeks ago we made our official announcement about our upcoming Documentation App for Educators. I was very excited to read the emails from many of you and we were so thrilled to see that a lot of you are eagerly awaiting the release of our App! I know it's been a long time coming and I can assure you that we are so close to the launch. 

For Valentine's Day we want to share our love of this App by giving you a sneak peek on some of the features and designs that will be available to you through our App. I'm sure that you are eager to see what we have been working on over the past 4 years and I'm more than happy to share our hard work with you. So, take a closer look to see what you can do with our App. A little preview image on what's coming.

Remember, this is a fully comprehensive App that is developed from scratch and built with utmost practicality where every feature is well thought out and rightly implemented. We understand that documentation is such an integral part of our role within an early childhood setting, it's important that it supports the needs of the centre as well as the individual educator. Our App will be a powerful tool that enables you to document "in the moment". You have every reason to be excited.

The countdown has started until the big release and we are excited and nervous all at the same time! We have been working so hard for this and we are so eager to get this App to you very soon!

Hold on to your chairs! Our App Launch Is Just Around The Corner!

We are almost ready to launch our App to you! 

Get Ready!

Do you know that we at Aussie Childcare Network have been working on an Online Documentation App for Educators?

We are very excited to announce that our App for educators and parents will be available very soon!!

Child Care Documentation App

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