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The Life Cycle Of A Frog Information Posters provide the stages a frog goes through from being an egg to being a frog. A life cycle repeats itself, or goes in a circle, for each new generation of life. A frog goes through five stages of life. In each stage, it changes and grows. These are great to use as a display or a simple way to explain the life cycle of a frog to children.

The Senses Scavenger Hunt enables children to use their senses to complete a scavenger hunt. For older children they check off each item they find listed in the scavenger hunt and for young ones Educators can read each one out. This is a great way for children to explore nature.

Nature Posters

Category Posters & Charts

The Nature Posters are beautiful images that show nature such as animals and plants. These posters can be used as a display within the learning environment and these can also be added to the Science and Nature area.

The Insects and Bugs Pom Pom Mats are a great fine motor skills activity for children. It enables children to place pom pom balls on the correct spot on each insect and bug. This helps children with developing their fine motor skills as well as their hand/eye coordination. Children can choose the same colour as the insect or bug or add multiple colours. This activity can also be used with playdough as well.

Leaf Man

This is a very simple and easy nature activity for children.  Get children out on a leaf hunt to collect a variety of different leaves. Using leaves children will be making a cute little leaf man using their creativity. At the same time, it has a lot of learning involved too. Children will also learn about the trees, different types of leaves and more!

To be familiar with nature, to spend some time amid nature, talking, thinking about trees, grasses, pebbles, climates, small insects, ground warm enhance the resilience and self-esteem of a child.

Children will simply use the items collected from nature to weave. This particular activity is applicable to the elder age group of kids as it involves a little complexity. The pre-schoolers, can be involved in the weaving part alone. 

The Insects and Bugs Posters enable children to identify different types of insects and bugs These are great for children to learn the different names of insects and bugs and to be able to identify them in their garden or in the playground. These can be used in a variety of different hands-on experiences and displays.

Mandala is an ancient art that originated in India and now is being used more in Tibet. They have of course gained popularity over a period of time and now they are being incorporated in various ways. So why not we also give it a try with our tiny tots. It’s a very complicated art form that involves a lot of intricacies but here we will be making it simple with objects collected in nature. 

Do you want children to explore nature? Do you want children to be resilient and confident? Do you want nature to work as a stress buster for little ones? We know all the answers will be a big “YES”. so, here it is “ Nature Play Week”, which will be conducted from April 6 to April 16, 2022. Nature play week reconnects kids with nature and the outdoors.

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