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How To Achieve Each Quality Area Within The NQS

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How To Achieve Each Quality Area Within The NQS

The National Quality Standard (NQS) of Australia sets a national benchmark for the quality of education and care services and includes seven quality areas that are important to outcomes for children.

In each quality area, there are two or three standards. These standards are high-level outcome statements. Under each standard are elements that describe the outcomes that contribute to the standard being achieved within the service. The following is a list of all achievements under each 7 Quality Areas that can help services identify if they are achieving within each area. It also includes documentation evidence required to support each element. Please follow the links to read through each Quality Areas.

QA1 - Quality Area 1 of the National Quality Standard focuses on ensuring that the educational program and practice of educators are child-centred, stimulating and maximise opportunities for enhancing and extending each child’s learning and development.

QA2 - Quality Area 2 of the National Quality Standard reinforces children’s right to experience quality education and care in an environment that provides for their health and safety.

QA3 - Quality Area 3 of the National Quality Standard focuses on the physical environment.

QA4 - Quality Area 4 of the National Quality Standard focuses on the provision of qualified and experienced educators who develop warm, respectful relationships with children, create predictable environments and encourage children’s active engagement in the learning program.

QA5 - Quality Area 5 of the National Quality Standard focuses on educators developing responsive, warm, trusting and respectful relationships with children that promote their wellbeing, self-esteem, sense of security and belonging.

QA6 - Quality Area 6 focuses on supportive, respectful relationships with families which are fundamental to achieving quality outcomes for children.

QA7 - Quality Area 7 focuses on effective leadership and governance of the service to establish and maintain quality environments for children’s learning and development.

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