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The Reflections In Action Posters provide reminders to educators about the process of reflecting. The posters give educators guidance on the reflection and include what to reflect on when to reflect, how to reflect and reflection recommendations. These are great to add to the staff room for Educators. Reflective practice is learning from everyday situations and issues and concerns that arise which form part of our daily routine while working in an early childhood setting.

The Educator To Child Ratio Posters includes the educator to child ratios in a centre-based service for each age group and in a mixed age group. Minimum educator-to-child ratios and purposeful for services to highlight the importance of the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children and for Educators to effectively supervise children within the environment. These posters will be good to display within the service for Educators and families to view.

The I Love You In Different Languages Posters include how to say I LOVE YOU in languages from all over the world. Each poster includes the flag, the country and the phrase on how to say I LOVE YOU. These posters can also be used in displays, for cultural experiences, to enable children to explore cultural diversity.

The Early Childhood Terms Posters are a set of 25 display posters that provide an explanation of common terms used in early childhood. These are great for Educators to understand definitions of key terms used throughout the early childhood industry.

The Room Guidelines Posters are a set of behaviour management strategies that can be implemented within the room. These are child friendly and easy for children to remember. These posters are bright and colourful and can be used as a display within the room to remind children of the guidelines that are implemented.

The MTOP Main Outcome Posters includes each of the main outcomes of the My Time Our Place framework for oosh services. These can be used as a display around the room to show how children achieve each outcome.

The EYLF Main Outcome Posters includes each of the main outcomes of the early years learning framework. These can be used as a display around the room to show how children achieve each outcome.

Toy Labels

The following Toy Labels provide an image of a toy as well as the name and can be used on baskets and toy bins to help children pack away by showing which toy goes where. This is a great way to keep the room organised and to help children to find what they are looking for during play. It also provides literacy enrichment as it also includes the name of the toy as well. 

The Chakra Posters provides information on the 7 main chakras, what they are and explanations for each. Chakras are an area in the body connected with life energy. A chakra vitalizes a physical body and is associated with interactions of a physical or mental nature. 

These posters can be used as a display and used during children's yoga/mediation. 

The Mindfulness Activity Cards have simple instructions for children to follow. These mindfulness activities will help children feel calmer and happier through these simple muscle relaxation, breathing exercises, listening activities. It's a great way to get children to settle. 

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