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The following posters are developmental skills that supports a child's school readiness. The skills are separated in each of the appropriate developmental learning areas. You can use the skills as part of your program in determining suitable experiences for the preschool children. The list of developmental skills are a essential part of a child's short and long term success when starting school. 

The following Child Observation Posters provides a range of different observation methods that can be used when observing children. Each poster provides a brief description of the observation method and a sample. These posters can be displayed within the room to assist parents in understanding the purpose of observations and it can also be displayed in the staff room as a reminder for Educators. Using a variety of different observation methods provides a foundation for a child's individual assessment and planning and a well rounded and holistic picture of the child.

Start the day off with a happy and positive morning  using these Non Contact Morning Greeting Posters. Display each of these posters at the entrance to your room or in the sign in/sign out areas and as the children enter the room they can select a non contact greeting to use with their Educator and friends. A great way to build confidence in children while developing their communication and language skills and to show the different non contact greetings that can be used. 

The following posters lists a child's weakness (negative trait), turned into a strength. Viewing these in a positive light can help you to develop the child's weakness into a strength and understand how to best support the child's overall emotional development and self esteem. Seeing these weaknesses as actual strengths enable you to focus on these emerging traits and provide a new perspective to support and nurture the child. 

The following posters of 11 popular child theorists provides a brief description of their theory and how their theories are implemented into practice within the early childhood environment. These posters are great to use as a display within the service or as a reminder for Educators on the different types of child developmental theories which they can refer to and use within their documentation. 

The following Positive Affirmations enable you to read them along with children. Saying positive affirmations will boost children's confidence, validates children's efforts, builds resilience maintain self-esteem, recognise their strengths and enables children to practice positivity. 

Here are 17 positive motivational quotes for Educators that can be displayed in the staff room. These can be used to inspire and boost morale of Educators throughout the day. 

The Sentence Starters For Documentation Posters enable Educators to provide phrases to connect ideas more effectively when writing documentation. The following posters provide sentence starters for a range of different purposes.

These weather charts enable Educators to use with children to learn about the weather. Using weather chars support children to make scientific observations and predictions, learning weather vocabulary and more.

The following posters lists synonyms that can be used when writing documentation such as observations, learning stories, reports and more. Synonyms are words or phrases that mean the same as another word. Using these posters will enable you to broaden your vocabulary when writing.

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