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The Milestones Achieved template can be used as an observation, for child assessment or for half-yearly/yearly reports to detail the milestones that a child has achieved in each developmental domain.
This template enables Educators to show how they implement Yoga with children at their centre.
This template is for OOSH Services to list all activities during Vacation Care.
This template can be used as a keepsake to give to mum for Mother's Day (Sunday 10th May).
This template can be used by Educators as a Learning Story template.
The Summative Assessment template brings together information on what the child knows, understands and can do.
The Coronavirus Info Update template is a free template that can be used to inform Parents and Staff within the service of important information regarding the coronavirus.
The Let's Talk template supports Educators in communicating effectively when they may have an issue or concern with one another.
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