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New Child Protection Training Requirements For Educators

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New Child Protection Training Requirements For Educators

For all services, both persons in day-to-day charge and all nominated supervisors must complete an approved child protection course.

Following changes to the National Law from 1 October 2017, new child protection training requirements have been introduced nationally for nominated supervisors and for the “person in day-to-day charge” at early childhood services.

In the National Regulations it states the following:

84 Awareness of child protection law

The approved provider of an education and care service must ensure that the nominated supervisor and staff members at the service who work with children are advised of—
(a) the existence and application of the current child protection law; and
(b) any obligations that they may have under that law.

The approved courses on child protection training have not changed. Prior to the latest changes to the National Law, NSW was the only jurisdiction that had a specific provision requiring nominated supervisors to have completed an approved child protection course. However, this requirement has now been applied nationally.

When completing a Child Protection Training course it includes: Child Protection Course includes:

  • Indicators that a child or young person may be at risk of harm
  • NSW Child Protection Legislation
  • Keep them Safe approach to Child Protection
  • Use of the Mandatory Reporters Guide to determine the level of suspected harm
  • Corresponding action to take
  • The appropriate response to a child's disclosure that they are being harmed.

It's vital that required Educators completed a child protection course in order to protect young children from harm and understand their responsibilities if a report needs to be made.

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Last modified on Saturday, March 24, 2018
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