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The first few years in a child’s life are when values, ideas and attitudes take shape as the result of their experiences, adult responses and wider cultural influences. This is the time when positive role models can convey powerful lessons on gender equality and interpersonal behaviour which have the potential to impact adult life choices. For such reasons, the following article provides information on Traditional Bias, How Men Are Important, How To Encourage Men To Join The ECE Setting and more. 

Effective communication is at the heart of every productive workplace but more so in sectors like ECE where so much depends on positive interactions between key stakeholders, like children, educators, families, management and providers. Non-verbal cues are an integral part of communication as they can complement and reinforce but also contradict and undermine verbal messages. The following article provides information on What Is Non-Verbal Communication, Why It Is Important, How To Use Non-Verbal Communication In The Workplace and more.

As of 1 September, changes to laws mean that the NSW Working with Children Check can now access information held on a national database of people barred from working with children. Additional changes have come into effect by ensuring that NSW applicants or clearance holders will be automatically barred from working with children for a range of serious animal cruelty offences. 

The approved provider of an early childhood service, you have the primary legal responsibilities for the safety, care and education, under the National Regulations, of children enrolled. Hence, approvals are required from both the Australian Government as well as state and territory governments. The following article provides information on Approved Provider Meaning and Responsibilities, Types Of Approval, Approved Provider Under The National Regulations, Application Process and more.

Interactions with children and families lie at the heart of ECEC practices. Early educators as a result may find themselves frequently facing ethical issues which are all too common in professions revolving around human relationships with their spectrum of rights, responsibilities, needs and desires.  The following article provides information on Identifying Ethical Issues, Ethical Responsibilities, Case Study and more. 

The structure and organisation of a learning environment can have immense impact on all aspects of a child’s development, ranging from physical and cognitive to social and emotional growth. The following article provides information on What Are Interest Areas and Their Benefits, Common Interest Areas, Guidelines For Planning Interest Areas and more. 

Children need safe and positive environments to learn and grow. To ensure this, services and educators need to ensure effective supervision at all times. The following article provides information on the different aspects of supervision, ranging from regulatory requirements and principles to practice strategies.

Due to a rising teacher shortage, more early learning centres are operating without enough qualified early childhood teachers, which could jeopardise the federal government's promise to make daycare more affordable.

Effective communication can be understood as communication between two or more persons wherein the intended message is successfully delivered, received and understood. Since so much of the work in an early childhood education and care setting consists of listening, understanding and exchanging insights, effective communication makes up one of the key tools in the skill set for anyone running and/or leading a centre. The following article provides information on How Effective Communication Help, Basic Steps Of Effective Communication, Modes Of Communication, Difficult Conversations and more. 

The Andrews government is providing location incentives of $9,000 to $50,000 for early childhood teachers to accept positions in particular Victoria regional, rural, and metro areas that need further support as part of the new Kindergarten Workforce Strategy changes.

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