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Free SAFE Training Workshops and Resources For Early Childhood Services

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Free SAFE Training Workshops and Resources For Early Childhood Services

The Free SAFE Training Workshops (available in NSW) has been developed as a tool for child-related educators who want to introduce the concept of personal safety in a non-confrontational way to children under the age of six.

The SAFE Resources (including 4 children's books) intends to reduce incidents of abuse by removing the secrecy abusers rely upon as a tool to offend against children. It also helps children understand their emotions, particularly when they feel sad, scared or upset. By using the SAFE series adults can help children develop the ability to communicate when they feel safe or unsafe.

The NSW Office of the Children's Guardian offers free child safety training sessions for people working or volunteering in child-related organisations in NSW. The sessions will provide you with skills and resources to help you establish more effective methods to manage risk and focus on creating safe environments for children and young people.

Topics Include:

  • Creating a child safe culture
  • Codes of conduct
  • Situational prevention and effective risk management
  • Recruitment and selection tips
  • Obligations under the Working With Children Check
  • Complaints management techniques

Workshops are FREE but registration is essential. Workshops are available Monday to Friday between 8.30 am and 6.00 pm and only available in NSW.

To book a free workshop: SAFE Free Workshops

The Office of the Children’s Guardian (OCG) has also developed a series of four children books known as the SAFE series.

Each book includes a theme that works in conjunction with the other books in the series and can be used as a way of teaching children about what is referred to as Protective Behaviours, that is, behaviours that will help keep them safe from harm or abuse.

The SAFE series supports a situational prevention approach to protecting children by attempting to make it more difficult for abusers to engage in inappropriate behaviour and increasing the chances of them getting caught.

Protecting children from harm is a shared responsibility for the family, the general community, professionals who work with children and government agencies but it is important to encourage children to think about their own safety.

For Resources: SAFE Resources

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Last modified on Sunday, March 25, 2018
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