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Free Gourmet Breakfast Prepared For Parents During Drop Off At Aussie Childcare Centre

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Free Gourmet Breakfast Prepared For Parents During Drop Off At Aussie Childcare Centre

The internet was astounded—and admittedly a touch jealous—by an Australian mother who disclosed that her toddler's daycare prepares gourmet meals for working parents to enjoy for breakfast.

Mummy-influencer Maggie Chretien, also known as @thepeninsulamumma, stunned viewers by showcasing the abundant breakfast on TikTok.

Maggie's video, which features the delicious-looking bagel she got on a recent drop-off run, has earned 70k views.

"On today's episode of 'What Did Daycare Give Parents', you're not going to believe it, this is GOURMET!" As she sits in her car and unwraps her food, she says.

Then, with pride, she raises it to the screen to describe what it is: "a bagel with Swiss cheese, turkey, cranberry, and rocket!

"It just keeps getting better."

"My nursery gives food to parents so we can eat on the run!" she captioned the photo. They comprehend."

While some joked about what their daycares gave them, others were left in full shock by the footage.

Someone made the quip, "I pay $119 a day and all I get is a car full of sand and gastro,"

"Dammit, we only get plagues from our nursery," remarked someone else.

Another said, "Damn my kids' creche just gave us all the flu."

"My nursery gave me an alert for possible cases of both chickenpox AND measles," wrote another.

Another person said, "Oh so that's where all the fees go," and a third person said, "I'm sure this would be a very expensive creche."

The mother said, "This is just something the chef at our creche does—she is the BOMB DOT COM!" in response to parents asking which creche it was. Extremely appreciative of her."

She additionally stated, "I’ve asked a few of my friends whose kids are at different daycares that don't give out meals and we pay pretty much the same!"

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Last modified on Friday, December 15, 2023
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