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ACECQA Publishes New Guidance Information On QA2 Active Supervision

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ACECQA Publishes New Guidance Information On QA2 Active Supervision

Establishing early learning environments that are both safe and mindful of the needs of every child requires active supervision. ACECQA has published new guidance information to guide services for the approved regulatory changes that started on 1 October 2023.

Educators foster children's learning and growth by establishing positive social and physical environments. Throughout the service, educators must remain vigilant and aware of potential risks and hazards, as well as the possibility of accidents and injuries. To supervise children effectively, educators must be aware of their physical surroundings as well as attentive to their specific needs. 

Active Supervision can include: 

  • Thorough roster planning to guarantee that educators are constantly on hand to assist children.
  • Clear policies and procedures pertaining to supervision. 
  • Adaptable solutions for monitoring that enable the care of individual children or small groups, including children who are napping or simultaneous indoor and outdoor experiences.
  • Vigilant monitoring of children to expand play opportunities and offer assistance. When children want to play alone, Educators who pay close attention to them and are sensitive to their needs and interests can tell. 
  • Having active conversations with children to support their education. Engagement and observation are both necessary for effective supervision. Educators must interact with students and evaluate their needs for supervision to provide high-quality learning opportunities. 
  • It is ensured that every child is actively monitored around the environment. Educators who are conscious of their surroundings can determine the best places for children to have the best vision. 
  • Educators should refrain from doing paperwork or standing with their backs to the children to prevent distraction from their supervision of the latter.  
  • Paying close attention to what children are saying and observing any variations in their voice level or tone. Monitoring kids who might not be in direct sight might be made easier by taking note of these developments. 
  • Assessing circumstances to ascertain advantages and possible threats to children's health, safety, and wellbeing.
  • By watching children play and speculating about what might happen next, Educators can help children when they run into problems or step in to protect children from harm.

For Guidance Information on: 

  • Supervision Requirements
  • Approaches To Supervision 
  • Teamwork and Communication
  • Considerations For Centre-Based Services
  • Considerations For Family Day Care
  • Supervision During Excursions 
  • Supervision During Transportation 
  • Safe Arrival Of Children

Please read the following: QA2 Active Supervision: Ensuring Safety And Promoting Learning

Last modified on Thursday, December 14, 2023
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