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Children Banned From Watching Peppa Pig Due To Poor Values

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Children Banned From Watching Peppa Pig Due To Poor Values

This beloved programme, which centres around a charming but occasionally domineering small pig, Peppa and her family, has lately become the focus of online controversy. 

Concerned mother Brittany has banned her kids from viewing the animation, igniting a contentious discussion among parents and posing concerns about the influence of children's TV on developing brains.

Brittany draws a clear line at Peppa Pig even if she admits the value of TV as a learning tool and a "moderated form of downtime".

This is because Peppa has "cringeworthy attitude problems," according to her, and she doesn't treat her family and friends with respect.

In a Facebook post, Brittany stated, "Children are impressionable." "They're always copying what they see and hear."

In addition to her attitude, Peppa objects to other characters on the programme portraying unfavourable stereotypes.

"[Peppa] has a perceptively unintelligent mother and a useless father (who gets picked on for his size)," she stated.

She continued, "I don't think it's acceptable to display this to my children who use characters on the TV as role models."

Brittany revealed that she has observed a link between her children's behaviour and the media they have previously consumed.

"I recently found that my eldest had a change of attitude and his imaginative play became aggressive and rude after we had watched PJ Masks a few times, so I phased it out ASAP!" she said.

She concludes by saying that although being marketed as a "lightweight" programme, the show is "deceptive" since it includes "underlying poor values [that are] soaked up by young children."

Other parents' responses to her message were varied. While some expressed their disapproval of the show and shared Brittany's concerns, others believe her decision to cancel the show was a "overreaction" to a "harmless kids show."

"I don't like Peppa Pig. We have avoided her," a mother remarked.

"I detest the way she talks over her pals. Peppa Pig is not welcome in my home. After my youngest saw it once, I've been having issues ever since," said another.

And yet another parent urged, "You have the power to shape what your children absorb. Since you are unable to control the environment they live in, why not educate them to analyse the information they receive and come to their own conclusions on how to treat others?"

A third said, "This is a really dumb post. Nothing is impolite about Peppa Pig. The characters are highly intelligent and courteous, which adds to the educational value."

"It also models positive social behaviour like sharing, taking turns, being kind to others, and language development," that persona continued. I can see why some people think Family Guy, a cartoon, is inappropriate for young children, but not this."

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Last modified on Sunday, December 17, 2023
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