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From July 2024, Early Childhood Education Services will receive 5 days notice for Assessment and Rating.

Beginning on December 8, 2024, NSW early childhood education and care services that feed children must adhere to new food safety regulations.

According to respondents to a 7.30 inquiry, a technique at early childhood services known as "under the roof"—which determines the ratio of Educators to children—is being misused.

The National Law and the National Regulations illustrate the legal responsibilities of the approved provider, nominated super and Educators. The following article provides a reference point for Chapter 4 - Operational Requirements including a summary of each Regulation. This chapter outlines the specific requirements and expectations for the operation and management of an education and care service. This is crucial in ensuring that all education and care services and Educators provide a safe, healthy, and high-quality environment for children to learn and grow. 

As of 8th December 2023, Food Standard Code 3.2.2A updates have now come into effect. This means that all early learning services that prepare and serve meals to children require food safety training for all food handlers and a food safety supervisor onsite. Services have until 8 December 2024 to comply.

As of 01 July 2023, approved providers must ensure that certain information is visible at each FDC residence or venue in a place that is accessible to families.

There are many different natural settings where in-nature programmes might be held, including your neighbourhood park or reserve, the beach, a lake, or the woods. ACECQA has published new guidance information to guide services for the approved regulatory changes that started on 1 October 2023.

As of 1 July 2023, new family day care educators must hold an approved certificate III level (or higher) qualification, FDC Educators cannot be 'actively working towards' a qualification.

Establishing early learning environments that are both safe and mindful of the needs of every child requires active supervision. ACECQA has published new guidance information to guide services for the approved regulatory changes that started on 1 October 2023.

More natural disasters affect Queenslanders than any other state in Australia. Early childhood services should be ready for bad weather. Thus, it's critical to prepare. The following article provides information on Notifying Of A Closure, Storms and Cyclones, During The Storm, Preparing For Extreme Weather and more.

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