Any online students want to meet in Sydney or on Skype?

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Any online students want to meet in Sydney or on Skype?

Post by Borogove » Mon Sep 04, 2017 9:47 pm

Hi guys,

Are there any other students studying through Inspire Education (or another school that uses the "Compliant Learning Resources" workbooks) here, or any students who are Sydney-based and studying online, and would like to meet up face-to-face for encouragement and help with assignments?

I'm studying through Inspire Education. I'm not sure if this was an excellent financial decision or false economy, because Inspire is extremely cheap but also has little (and very slow) tutor support, the expectation that you'll source contacts and other resources yourself , and notoriously confusing assignments which require a lot of work to decode. But, it was the decision I made (and also character building and all I could afford), and I want to follow it through.

THe first reason I wanted to reach out was because it feels like there'd be a lot of other very confused Inspired students who would benefit from a study group. I was offered a job during my vocational placement and have been working at the same centre for six months now, but before that, it was extremely difficult to figure out what answers to give to many of the assignment questions. Now that I'm actually working in the industry, it's a lot easier to guess what the people who created the workbooks actually want. I'm also aware that many of Inspire students are also ESL speakers, many of which speak non-Romance or Germanic languages like Tamil and Gujarati as their first language, and so must be going through their own version of hell trying to get these workbooks complete. Even if, like me, you are a native English speaker working in the industry, some of the questions are worded confusingly and the three-resubmits-then-you-fail rule is intimidating, and means that it would be incredibly useful to attack the assignments as a group.

The second reason for wanting to get together as a group is those blasted role-playing assignments. I'm a long way from home, and while I have a small group of friends in Sydney, there's not really anybody I'm close enough to that I'd feel comfortable asking them to pretend to be an abused child (and all the other weird things we are expected to role-play). But, I need to get these role-playing assignments done before I can even submit the workbooks. There must be one or two other people in this situation and, if so, I'd love to get together as a group and quickly knock these things out. If you don't want to form a study group but just need to get those bl**dy assignments done, let me know and we can arrange to meet in a public place (or rather, use a conference room in a public library, since that sounds slightly less embarrassing )

The third thing is sourcing information and the encouragement and emotional support that comes from embarking on this kind of undertaking as a group. In real life I'm very private, and having to phone up all these different people to arrange placements and interviews, and having to constantly batter my already overworked co-workers with all these daft questions and requests, has been quite emotionally draining. It would be good to meet other people in the same situation, not only so we can network, but also because it would be good to meet up with people who are going through the same experience, and who also understand why doing this is valuable. I think it would legitimise the study and help justify all the struggle.

So, is there anybody in Sydney from Inspire or another online college that needs a role-playing or study buddy? Do you want to get together once a fortnight or month until we slay this beastie together? Solidarity, my friends!!

diploma course
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Re: Any online students want to meet in Sydney or on Skype?

Post by diploma course » Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:03 pm

Hi Borogove,
I am studying through inspire education as well and would like to join this studying group, how can we meet each other?
I will attend it if you have organise the venue and date...

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