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Pay Rates

Post by ccSA » Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:43 pm


I've been working at my current centre for 2 years now. I started off as an unqualified educator (remaining so for 6 months) and then got a Diploma. I am an assistant educator but have been doing the work of a lead educator for two weeks since she was away. I get paid 23.97. Is this the correct pay rate for a diploma-qualified assistant educator with two years experience?

If I'm performing the Lead Educator's duties for two weeks, should my pay rate level increase at all for the two weeks?

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Re: Pay Rates

Post by Lorina » Sun Apr 22, 2018 3:46 pm

As a Diploma qualified assistant you are on Level 3.4 and yes your pay rate is $23.97/per hour.

In regards to being paid higher wages, it states the following in the Children's Services Award:

Higher Duties

There may be times, when you may be asked to perform higher duties. This basically means performing duties that are not within your job description or those stated within the level you fall under in the classification structure, the duties of an employee will be determined by reference to this award and the employee’s job description.

If you’re engaged in higher duties for two or more consecutive hours you will be paid the time you spent at a higher rate, provided that:

- the greater part of the time so worked is spent in performing duties carrying the higher rate;

- if you’re engaged as a Children’s Services Employee Level 5 (Assistant Director) who is required to undertake the duties of a Director by reason of the Director’s absence will not be entitled to payment under this clause unless the Director’s absence exceeds two complete consecutive working days;

- if you’re engaged as a Children’s Services Employee Level 3 who is required to undertake duties of the Director by reason of the Director’s non-attendance outside of core hours will not be entitled to payment under this clause;

- where you are appointed to act as the Director of a Centre or a Supervising Officer pursuant to the relevant childcare regulations, they will be paid for the entire period at the rate applicable for a Director or Supervising Officer; or

- if you are required to undertake the duties of another employee by reason of the latter employee’s absence for the purpose of attending (with pay) an approved training course (including in-service training) will not be entitled to payment under this clause.

Hope this helps!

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