I am getting right pay

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I am getting right pay

Post by Kirti » Fri Nov 06, 2020 12:45 pm

hello Lorina,

I am working as a diploma holder in preschool room. I am running one of the preschool. Can you please guide me with my salary as I am not sure on what level I should be on. I found out yesterday that my employer is paying me as on level 3.4(Team Member - L_STL (FT/PT) working as full time. I saw fews days back that I got no raise just 5 cents so I am bit confuse. I will give little brief about my study and work. I started working as a trainee in feb. 2015 and finished my certificate 3 in june 2016. I am continously working. In 2019 September I finished my Diploma in early childhood education while I was working full time. Then, they moved me to preschool room. I am doing all the duties what room leader does but we have floor leaders not room leaders and she has just started but its been a year I am doing all the duties.

Can you please guide me what is my level.

thanks alot in advance

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Re: I am getting right pay

Post by Lorina » Tue Nov 10, 2020 4:16 am

Hi Kirti,

At the moment you're on Level 3.4 - this is for a Diploma Qualified Assistant.

However, you mentioned you're doing everything that a room leader does. Does this include programming and planning, observations, learning stories etc.

As a Room Leader, you will also have the following tasks:

Responsible, in consultation with the Assistant Director/Director for the preparation, implementation and evaluation of a developmentally appropriate program for individual children or groups.
Responsible to the Assistant Director/Director for the supervision of students on placement.
Responsible for ensuring a safe environment is maintained for both staff and children.
Responsible for ensuring that records are maintained accurately for each child in their care.
Develop, implement and evaluate daily care routines.
Ensure that the centre or service's policies and procedures are adhered to.
Liaise with families.

Is this what you are doing?

If so, since you have a Diploma Qualification, you should be on Level 4.1.

Let me know!


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