Not meeting minimum ratios

Educator to child ratios, ratios within a service, ratios with different ages etc.
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Not meeting minimum ratios

Post by ShanB » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:25 am


The centre at which I work is regularly rostering below minimum ratio staff requirements for each age group. Two year olds get counted in the 3-5yr olds ratios and 1 educator is left with (at times) six 1-2 year olds. The Director does this to take a staff member off the floor so they can do programming etc.

At times the Director also tweaks the hours our additional needs worker actively works with the child so that staff ratios are more balanced, but yet still claims the maximum hours for ISS.

I have a huge problem with both these things yet don't know how to mention it to the Director without her shutting down what I say. Should I be considering reporting this issue to some authority?


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Re: Not meeting minimum ratios

Post by Lorina » Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:56 pm

I would recommend that you document all the breaches. For e.g. the date, the number of children, the number educators in the room during the day etc.

You will need to speak to the director so if you have to report the issue further you can say that you did approach the director yet nothing was done. Basically, you have to try before you go to the authorities. When you talk to the director also document what was discussed etc. to keep a record.

If nothing happens after speaking to the Director then yes, report it to your Regulatory Authority in your state.

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