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Not meeting minimum ratios

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:25 am
by ShanB

The centre at which I work is regularly rostering below minimum ratio staff requirements for each age group. Two year olds get counted in the 3-5yr olds ratios and 1 educator is left with (at times) six 1-2 year olds. The Director does this to take a staff member off the floor so they can do programming etc.

At times the Director also tweaks the hours our additional needs worker actively works with the child so that staff ratios are more balanced, but yet still claims the maximum hours for ISS.

I have a huge problem with both these things yet don't know how to mention it to the Director without her shutting down what I say. Should I be considering reporting this issue to some authority?


Re: Not meeting minimum ratios

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:56 pm
by Lorina
I would recommend that you document all the breaches. For e.g. the date, the number of children, the number educators in the room during the day etc.

You will need to speak to the director so if you have to report the issue further you can say that you did approach the director yet nothing was done. Basically, you have to try before you go to the authorities. When you talk to the director also document what was discussed etc. to keep a record.

If nothing happens after speaking to the Director then yes, report it to your Regulatory Authority in your state.


Re: Not meeting minimum ratios

Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 4:22 pm
by ozzie54
I have a similar question

I am an Coordinator of an OSHC service run by one of the large corporate companies

Now when I first started I was the only educator there in the morning with the children even though the numbers are usually only maximum of around 7 I was also informed that once ratios dropped I was to send staff members home
Please correct me if am wrong though is it not a regulation to always have 2 staff members present at all times so as to prevent risk to the children and also risk to the educator

Also I heard of an incident in one of their other services that they had no coordinator so they sent a young girl that had only completed one shift with the company and is not a trained educator has no background in running a service she was just thrown in to the deep end, there was an incident involving a child of which this poor girl did not even know how to fill out an incident report so she was balled out by the Regional Manager

I am so totally over hearing about these big companies that are only in it for the money and at what risk the risk to our children and the staff

I believe this company is now owned by an American company that would have no idea about what goes on over here. Unheard of where is the education and duty of care of our precious children heading.

I have since heard as well that this company is trying to get in on the LDC services heaven forbid

When I took over the OSHC service it was in such disarray all sorts of paperwork was just thrown anywhere and personal documentation in view of others. Resources iin disrepair and all over the place well theres not many useful resources anyway I have sorted most of it out now as they are heading for A&R in April

Us as Coordinators are expected to work with tools that have come off the Ark. Old printer that does not scan or copy a 3" size mobile that the numbers and letters are so hard to see this tool is what you are expected to use to contact parents and download. I am unable to download any photos off the phone as the connection and cable to the printer does not work, so my assistant and I take this work home using our own ink and paper and wasting our own time. And hey I know you cant do anything about this though as an mature aged woman I get worried that these young people are being exploited, hate to think about the quality of care for the children I have heard some shocking rumors, i.e children watching t.v, in their time in service, staff on their mobiles, children not in a routine of any sort, Coordinators just up and leaving without giving any notice therefore leaving the staff and children stranded and unorganised etc etc

Hopefully someone will stand up and listen and the Dept of Education and the Government prevent these companies in moving forward in buying up or placing tenders out there for anymore of our services

And I know there are a lot of great services out there and in some circumstances it is not the young peoples fault as they have not been properly trained

I will contact the Dept of Education in relation to all these issues though just wanted to be clear with ratios. When in the morning on my own I am unable to even attend to the bathroom for myself as I am unable to leave the floor as you know, just doesn't seem right

Best Regards

Love the kids though and love what I do

Re: Not meeting minimum ratios

Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 10:19 pm
by Lorina
Yeah it's so tricky, isn't it... The thing is you are meeting ratio requirements... For OOSH services it is 1:15 - so you can have a sole Educator with up to 15 kids by themselves and still meet ratio requirements... Ridiculous I know because if you have to go the toilet or if an incident occurs that you need to step away for any reason then it gets extremely difficult t maintain ratio during that time and what are you going to do... In an ideal environment yes it is logical to have 2 staff present at all times but if owners choose not to do then that's fine apparently... yes I have also heard stories of Educators being left alone to look after 14 or so kids in the afternoon and how difficult it was due to behavioural problems etc. It's too much pressure and it would be difficult regardless if the children are older or not...

Since you got Assessment and Rating coming up, it's a good chance to see what needs improving in the service and hopefully, the owners take notice of what needs to be improved and shape up a little for your benefit.

Lets see what happens...