CHCEDS025 - Facilitate learning for students with disabilities

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CHCEDS025 - Facilitate learning for students with disabilities

Post by belinda89 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 1:34 pm

Project 1
A school has advertised a job vacancy for an educational support worker who can facilitate learning for students with disabilities. You want to apply for the job. To do this you need to submit an application that demonstrates that you:
Understand a range of disabilities, their symptoms and the effect they might have on student learning.
Can support students with the disability to learn new skills and concepts.
Are aware of the issues that students with disabilities might face.
Can help students with the disability to be independent.
Can identify and explain the legal requirements pertaining to your work with people with that disability.
Have the personal values and attitudes a person should have when working with students with that disability and can explain why those values and attitudes are required.
Know how to use appropriate language when interacting with or discussing a student.
Are able to interact with students with disabilities in a positive and respectful manner.
Are able to keep appropriate student confidences.
Can help children to take part in group activities.
Can help to create appropriate resources and equipment.
Have high expectations for students with activities and can help them to set appropriate goals.
List the rights that students with disabilities might have.
Understand how you would go about ensuring the health and safety of a child with that disability in the classroom environment.
Can contribute to the planning of an Education Adjustment Profile and implement it.
You need to sell yourself. Show in your application why you are the best person for the job by describing the knowledge and skills you have and what you can do to help students with disabilities achieve positive learning outcomes. You might want to use headings to organise your application but you will need to make sure you address all of the criteria identified by the school.

I don't even know how to write this please help.

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Re: CHCEDS025 - Facilitate learning for students with disabilities

Post by Lorina » Thu Jul 11, 2019 4:14 pm

You have to address each point at a time in the above scenario. The following may help:

Teaching Disability
Professional Leanring
Classroom Resources
Source Kids


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