Please help im so stuck Ethical and Legal

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Please help im so stuck Ethical and Legal

Post by Alana89 » Sun Feb 14, 2021 11:33 pm

HI All i am on my next cluster and i am really finding it hard to find the information or links i'm just hitting my head against the computer screen trying to do this , If there is anyone out there that could help me pleassseeeeee im begging you .

Case Scenario One
Prasan is a four-year-old boy in your service. He and his family practice Hinduism and do not eat beef for religious reasons. Today at lunch, Prasan was accidentally served a meal that contains beef mince. He takes a bite before you realise the mistake, you then replace the meal with something else.

Your colleague Loretta asks you, “Why did you even bother taking the meal away? He's already eaten some of it and it's not like he's allergic to it… You should have just let him have it! It's just a religious thing, his parents don't even have to know. I never bother with creating individual meal plans unless a kid is allergic."

Scenario One questions:
1. Identify the legal and/or ethical issues in the scenario.
2. Identify what your legal responsibilities as an ECEC educator, in dealing with this ethical/legal issue, are.
3. What are the legal risks to the service if this issue is not dealt with appropriately?
4. How would you effectively respond to this issue to make sure it was dealt with properly?
5. If you choose not to tell the parents, what policy would you be breaching?
6. How would you describe Loretta’s conduct and would you discuss it with anyone?

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Re: Please help im so stuck Ethical and Legal

Post by Lorina » Sat Feb 20, 2021 5:17 am

This may give you some ideas:

Meat Given To Vegetarian Child


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