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World Wildlife Day Activities For Children

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World Wildlife Day Activities For Children

On the 3rd of March, wildlife is celebrated worldwide for the UN World Wildlife Day. The following provides free Printables that will enable you to celebrate World Wildlife Day at your service and activities that can be implemented into the curriculum for children.

About World Wildlife Day

The day provides us with an opportunity to celebrate various beautiful and varied forms of wild fauna and flora and to spread awareness about the several benefits that their conservation provides to people. It also reminds us about the urgent need to step up the fight against wildlife crime and human-induced reduction of species, which further have economic, environmental, and social impacts. 

Activities For Children

Wild Animals Posters - The Wild Animal Posters are great for children to use as a display in the learning environment to recognise and identify wild animals.

Animals Alphabet Posters - The Animals Alphabet Posters provide the name and image of an animal for each letter of the alphabet

Animal Letters Posters - The Animal Letters Posters are great for children to recognise animals that match each letter of the alphabet. These colourful posters can be used as a room display or set up in the book corner.

Animals Tracing Dots - Animal Tracing Dots enable children to trace the dots to complete the animal picture. These are great for children to develop their pre-writing skills and for hand-eye coordination.

Feed The Giraffe Letters - The Feed The Giraffe Letters is an alphabet activity that enables children to recognise lowercase and uppercase letters by feeding the giraffe the correct letters. This is a great alphabet and letter recognition game for children.

Animal Songs Posters - The Animal Songs Posters have songs about wild animals. These are great for children to learn about different animals.

All the above Printables are available for FREE to download. To download, simply click on each of the images/posters and it will automatically start downloading to your device. 



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