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Is your toddler too big for their crib? Are they constantly trying to climb in and out of their cots? Is your toddler ready for toilet training? Then it’s time to say goodbye to that baby crib and transition your toddler into a big kid bed! This is a big moment for you as you watch your little baby begin to grow into an independent, active toddler. This article will provide you with practical information and strategies you can use to ease the transition from a crib to a bed.

This article describes what to expect from a New Born Baby, Appearance, Physical Characteristics of a newborn, average weight, head, hair, skin, genitals, umbilical cords, etc.. This guide will prepare all new parents on what to expect when you deliver the baby.

“No, no, no”…How many times have you heard your child say that at the dinner table? All of a sudden your child has become picky about what they eat. Every meal you offer them, they simply refuse, especially when you have tried everything to encourage them to eat. As a parent it’s only natural that you would want your child to eat but instead of forcing, you should try to find out why your child is refusing their meal.

Your child is about to enter one of the most important parts of their lives... "School"! All children from the age of 5 (depending on your state and school requirements throughout Australia) begin school. It's an exciting time for both you and your child as you enter a new phase in life. For most parents the transition to school can be a little difficult and sad as they watch their little child enter a whole new world.

What an exciting time... your baby is finally moving on from milk to solids. This is a crucial stage in your baby's development. From now on, the rapid growth and development of your baby requires more nutrients that milk alone cannot provide. It is also important to remember that starting on solids is an ongoing process where you have to pay special attention to any food allergy symptoms that your baby may present.

You have just become parents for the first time....a baby is a wonderful hold your baby gently in your arms as you admire your new addition to the family. You pull your baby in close to give your child a gentle kiss and then you smell something, it's strong and it smells like...Yes, it's time to change the nappy!

As soon as your baby's first tooth emerges and followed by the rest of the teeth, it is important to begin cleaning it – regularly twice a day, morning and at night after the final feed. Most babies “grow” their first tooth at around 4 -6 months of age. Sometimes a tooth can appear without any warning signs at all and sometimes you may notice a small bulge on the gum or a red patch on the gum or cheek, followed in a couple of days by a tooth.

Television is not all bad. Sometimes it could be an excellent resource for education as well as entertainment. For instance, there are a lot of fun educational DVDs and TV programmes for children that could help develop their language development. Including, learning the alphabet, singing rhymes, music and movement and more. While school age kids can also learn about geography and culture, nature, wild-life, technology and heaps more. However, too much Television starts to become a habit and could get in the way of other important activities like physical activities, reading and writing, doing homework and spending time with family and friends.

You and your family are all sitting down at the table, enjoying a delicious meal. You look over at your child and instead of eating their food, they are playing with it. Not only that, they are chewing their food with their mouth open and burping loudly. Definitely not the table manners you were taught, when you were a child. Nevertheless, as your child begins to enjoy meals with the rest of the family, its time to start teaching your child table manners.

“I haven’t got any homework”… How many times has your child come home from school and said that? Unfortunately, most children think that homework is a chore, a complete waste of time. According to a lot of children they feel like if they have to sit and do homework there will be no time for playing or watching television. In some cases, just trying to get your child to do their homework is a constant struggle. Then there are other issues such as too much homework, too little homework and even as a parent not being able to understand the homework…argh it’s just HOMEWORK and schools understand the importance for children to play and have leisure activities outside school hours.

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