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Numeracy Activities For Children In Early Childhood

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Numeracy Activities For Children In Early Childhood

Numeracy encompasses a much wider notion than numbers – it can be understood as the suite of knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions that students need in order to use mathematics in a wide range of situations. The following provides a list of numeracy activities for children that can be incorporated into an emerging numeracy environment. 

Just Explore Math Manipulative

  • Pattern blocks
  • Chains Snap cubes
  • Counters
  • Garboards
  • Colour tiles
  • Dominos
  • Buttons
  • Dog bones
  • Gems
  • Mini erasers
  • Seeds
  • Manipulative with trays
  • Manipulative with a dice
  • Manipulative with 2 dice (addition)

Tray Options

  • Ice cube trays
  • Mini ice cubes trays
  • Circle sorting trays
  • Muffin pans
    Egg cartons

Sorting Trays With

  • Shapes Rocks
  • Shells
  • Pom poms
  • Mini erasers

Make Numbers With

  • With gems
  • With mini erasers
  • With play dough
  • With buttons
  • With any small manipulative you have
  • Cut into pieces to create name puzzles
  • Sand writing trays
  • Sensory bags
  • Fun paper
  • Chalkboards
  • Dry erase boards
  • Dry erase pockets

Play Themed Math Games

  • Counting games
  • Pattern games
  • Sorting games
  • Addition or subtraction games
  • Graphing games
  • Shape/geometry games
  • Measurement games


  • Floor puzzle (students work as a team)
  • Individual puzzles

Measure Items (Length Width)

  • With connecting tubes
  • With chains
  • With counters
  • Put out small clipboards so students can record the measurements

Make Patterns

  • With chains
  • With cubes
  • With counters
  • With candles
  • With glass gems
  • With dog bones
  • With buttons
  • With pom poms
  • With pattern blocks
  • With mini erasers
  • With feathers
  • With any themed manipulative

Create Graphs

  • With cereal, beads, candy, pasta, or counters

Further Reading

Children's Learning Through Numeracy - For the early education context, the EYLF defines numeracy as, “the capacity, confidence and disposition to use mathematics in daily life”. Based on this definition the following article provides information on incorporating learning in numeracy. 

Preschool Indicators Of Literacy and Numeracy - The following article provides information on What Are The Indicators, the Importance of The Indicators, Learning Processes, Numeracy and Literacy Indicators and more. 

Number Printables - A variety of free number printables that can be downloaded for children to use.

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