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Animal Number Posters display an animal image for each number 1 to 10. These are great to display within the learning environment.

At its simplest, numeracy is the knowledge, disposition and confidence to use mathematics in day-to-day life. While it is easy to think of mathematics only as complex statistical and algebraic concepts, the fact is children are already using basic mathematics while negotiating the world around them. The following article is on developing number sense and strategies to teach numeracy in early childhood. 

Nemo Fish Counting enables children to recognise the number on the theme background and add the corresponding number of nemos to the fish bowl. This activity encourages children with number recognition, one-to-one correspondence and learning numbers.

Kite Cloud Number Match helps children to recognise numbers 1 to 10. Number recognition is important for children because it promotes confidence and encourages flexible thinking. It allows children to create a relationship with numbers and be able to talk about math as a language.

Numeracy encompasses a much wider notion than numbers – it can be understood as the suite of knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions that students need in order to use mathematics in a wide range of situations. The following provides a list of numeracy activities for children that can be incorporated into an emerging numeracy environment. 

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