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Dinosaur Activities For Children

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Dinosaur Activities For Children

Children of all ages are fascinated by dinosaurs. Children's imaginations and curiosities are sparked by these amazing creatures, and they present countless educational opportunities. The following article provides a list of free printables, and activities on Dinosaurs that can be implemented into the curriculum for children. 

Benefits Of Teaching Children About Dinosaurs

  • Conversions around challenging and complicated subjects like time, history, death/extinction, evolution, and environmental concerns can be sparked by the theme of dinosaurs.
  • Children are taught that humans are still learning and exploring the world and that we do not know everything about it.
  • Children can confidently present their own theories about dinosaurs because adults don't have all the information.
  • Dinosaurs promote investigation, reflection, and creativity. Following kids' fascination in dinosaurs could assist educators find teaching opportunities.

Free Printables and Activities On Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Fossil Posters

Dinosaur Fossil Posters are to be used as a display in the learning environment during a dinosaur theme. These can also be laminated and used as a playdough mat where children have to use playdough to make the dinosaur fossils.

Dinosaur Colouring Pages

Dinosaur Colouring can be used in a variety of ways such as children's painting, colouring or using collage items for each pattern. Each dinosaur can be laminated and used with playdough and it can also be used for a variety of different experiences.

Dinosaur Sort

Dinosaur Sort enables children to cut out dinosaurs and sort them on themed backgrounds based on which dinosaurs are on land, who fly and who swam. This is a great dinosaur sort activity for children.

Dinosaur Tracing Dots

Dinosaur Tracing Dots enables children to trace the dots to complete the dinosaur picture. These are great for children to develop their pre-writing skills and for hand-eye coordination.

Feed The Dinosaur Letters

The Feed The Dinosaur Letters is an alphabet activity that enables children to recognise letters and match each letter to the correct dinosaur. This is a great ABC learning game and letter recognition game for children.

Dinosaur Workout Posters

The Dinosaur Workout Posters are for children who love dinosaurs! Getting children are great to use as a gross motor activity with children. Each poster displays a dinosaur movement that children can copy. These can be used as gross motor indoor activities for children.

Dinosaur Songs Posters

The Dinosaur Songs Posters provide lyrics to dinosaur action songs that can be sung by children during group time. These action songs are fun, catchy and engaging for children. The posters can also be displayed in the learning environment.

Dinosaur Shapes Match

Dinosaur Shapes Match enables children to match shapes to the dinosaurs. This is a great way for children to create dinosaur pictures using different shapes.

Dinosaur Colour Match

Dinosaur Colour Match enables children to match the correct coloured dinosaur egg to the dinosaur.

Dinosaur Shadow Match

Dinosaur Shadow Match encourages children to examine the different shapes of various objects and match them to their correct shadows. It helps children with visual memory and enables children to sort based on the similarity and differences of different objects.

Dinosaur Pattern Blocks

Dinosaur Pattern Blocks enable children to develop spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills. It also helps children to sort blocks based on size, shape and colour which creates farm animals. For children who have pattern blocks, they can recreate these farm animals by placing the right blocks on top of the picture, for others the second page has all the pieces needed that can be cut out and used.

Linking To The EYLF Outcomes

Outcome 1: Children are connected with and contribute to their world

Dinosaurs teach children about nature, different landscapes, and the importance of a sustainable environment. Educators can talk about where dinosaurs lived and what they needed to survive.

Dinosaurs are often associated with rough play, which presents opportunities for discussions about fairness and respect. Not all dinosaurs were ferocious meat-eaters, many only ate plants. Dinosaurs were diverse, just like people are.

“Dinosaurs present an exciting challenge for young children,” says Fiona. “Through dinosaurs, they investigate their own ideas, feel confident to get up close to them (as they are not alive) and through evidence ponder on how the world might have been.”

Outcome 2: Children are confident and involved learners

Dinosaurs encourage children’s dispositions for learning. They were magnificent and it is almost impossible not to be curious about them. Children will want to know more about them and will facilitate their own discovery.

The topic of dinosaurs is excellent for inspiring project work that can be guided by the children’s interests. Children can find answers to their questions by researching and investigating. They will connect with the places where dinosaurs lived and the natural materials that were in their environment.

Outcome 3: Children are effective communicators

The story of dinosaurs is almost unbelievable—it is better than fiction! When children hear and tell their own stories they strengthen their oral communication and listening skills. Dinosaurs provoke conversations and social interactions.

Project work helps children engage with a wide range of texts. The answers to their questions can be found in many texts, from picture books to encyclopaedias. Children can also use videos and the internet to access information and investigate ideas.

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