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Earth Chakra Day Activities For Children

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Earth Chakra Day Activities For Children

Earth Chakra Day is celebrated on the 12th of January. The following provides a list of activities and free printables that can be implemented into the curriculum for children. 

About Earth Chakra Day

The first International Earth Chakra Day was celebrated in 2018 and has since become an annual celebration of yoga. It respects the environment and recognises that all living things coexist on the globe in a mutually beneficial relationship. It honours the significance of energy balancing in order to advance well-being, recovery, achievement, love, development, and willpower.

In order to bring spiritual awareness to the planet's upper chakras, which are energy vortices that resemble wheels and channel energies into our bodies through pathways called nadis, which resemble rivers of force flowing through our bodies, the occasion is commemorated with yoga and meditation practises all over the world. We highlight the seven chakras, one for each of the primary energy centres and two extra ones, on Earth Chakra Day.

Activity Ideas For Children

Free Positive Affirmation Flashcards With Pictures

Positive Affirmations Flashcard With Pictures enables you to read them along with children. Saying positive affirmations will boost children's confidence, validates children's efforts, builds resilience maintain self-esteem, recognise their strengths and enables children to practice positivity.

Free Chakra Colouring Pages

The Chakra Colouring Pages enable children to become familiar with their chakra (energy centres) by learning the names, the colours associated with each one and where it is located on their body. Teaching children about chakras bring about better balance, awareness, and healing for them.

Free Mindfulness Activity Cards 

The Mindfulness Activity Cards have simple instructions for children to follow. These mindfulness activities will help children feel calmer and happier through simple muscle relaxation, breathing exercises, and listening activities. It's a great way to get children to settle.

Free Deep Breathing Posters 

The Deep Breathing Posters provide instructions on different types of breathing exercises for children. Breathing exercises provide a number of key benefits for children including reducing stress and increasing positive thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

Free Chakra Posters 

The Chakra Posters provide information on the 7 main chakras, what they are and explanations for each. Chakras are an area in the body connected with life energy. A chakra vitalizes a physical body and is associated with interactions of a physical or mental nature.

Aligning Energies on International Earth Chakra Day 2022, Natural Therapy Pages

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