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Writing observations for babies and young children enables us to observe the countless opportunities for growth and development that take place. The following article provides information on Writing Observations For Babies, What To Observe, Sample Observation For A Baby, Methods For Documenting and more. 

This template can be used when observing children. 

The following Child Observation Posters provides a range of different observation methods that can be used when observing children. Each poster provides a brief description of the observation method and a sample. These posters can be displayed within the room to assist parents in understanding the purpose of observations and it can also be displayed in the staff room as a reminder for Educators. Using a variety of different observation methods provides a foundation for a child's individual assessment and planning and a well rounded and holistic picture of the child.

Event sampling is a useful observation technique for observing behaviours. It can be used to identify the child's response of certain behaviours, triggers and interactions.  

Collecting work samples from each child is an effective documentation strategy that educators can save for portfolios. These samples can relate to the child's development or link to curriculum objectives.

Photo Observations are a perfect visual tool to capture a child's learning during an experience and provides an insight into the child's skills and development.

Jottings are a quick and easy way to record significant events and behaviours. They provide a picture of a child's interest or their development.

Anecdotes are the most commonly used tool in gathering information about children.

As Educators, one of the main responsibilities is completing documentation for each child. Whether it will be completing an observation, writing a report or even communicating with parents everything needs to be written.

One of the most important types of documentation methods that educators needs to be familiar with are “observations”. Observations are crucial for all early childhood settings and are used to build an understanding of a child’s skills, interests, abilities and focuses on what they can do.

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