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Transition To School Statements

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Transition To School Statements Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

To support preschool children transition to school, it is recommended that preschool educators complete a transition to school statement which is sent to the child's school. The Transition to School Statement gives a snapshot of a child’s strengths, perspectives, and personality.

The statement:

  • summarises a child’s strengths, interests and approaches to learning
  • passes this information between families, early childhood educators and teachers
  • gives children a voice in the process of meeting new people in the school environment
  • helps link the Early Years Learning Framework link to the Early Stage 1 Syllabus

Examples Of What To Include In The Transition To School Statements

  • About the family - siblings, living arrangements, languages spoken at home, culture etc. 
  • Strengths and Interests - child's achievements, their strengths and interests
  • Activites and Experiences - what the child enjoys doing at the centre, favourite activites 
  • Learning Style - teaching strategies you recommend, environments that encourage child's learning
  • Services and Support - individual plans or supprots for the child
  • Settling In - how to support the child settling in
  • Child's Views - what is the child excited/worried about starting school

For more examples: Transition To School Statement, Aussie Childcare Network, Transition To School, NSW Education

Transition statements contain important information about each child's learning and development and include suggestions that will support each child's continued learning when they start school.

The information in the statement records a child’s interests, strengths and preferred ways of learning in their year prior to school. The intention of the Statement is that it has immediate practical value to kindergarten teachers, capturing the experience and the expertise of early childhood educators in a way that they can use to provide continuity of learning for each child.

The Transition to School Statement prompts early childhood educators to provide information on learning and development indicators and advice on the intentional teaching strategies for each child they have used.

The Transition to School Statement is optional in NSW.

Transition To School, Department Of Education



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