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Key Selection Criteria when Applying for a Job

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Key Selection Criteria when Applying for a Job Women Tech

You’ve seen a job position that you’re interested in, you have a resume but it asks you to respond to the Key Selection Criteria. This outlines the qualities, knowledge and skills needed to complete the job and helps employers look for someone with a specific set of skills and experiences. 

Responding to the Selection Criteria

Employers will include the Key Selection Criteria which will need to be addressed and met when applying for the position.  

When responding to the selection criteria you will need to detail your specific capabilities for each criteria. It’s important to include specific examples or situations when you have demonstrated the behaviour, knowledge, skills and qualities asked for in the Key Selection Criteria. 

Focus on outcomes that you have achieved and match these to the selection criteria. Use examples that show you have applied specific criteria to your work or life experiences.

Skills and Abilities Criteria

  • Describing your previous roles and responsibilities
  • Describing outcomes you were required to achieve
  • Describing what you did and how you did it
  • Describing what happened as a result of your action and what you have learnt
  • Give clear examples of your work/life experiences that support the selection criteria
  • Use verbs to describe your experiences

Experience Criteria

  • The more experience, the stronger the response so give a full picture of your experience, rather than just examples
  • List the particular experiences, provide details on what you did
  • Include information which indicates you performed well

Understanding and Awareness Criteria

  • Provide a summary of the topic and some details to demonstrate your understanding
  • Explain how/where you acquired your knowledge
  • If you’re not sure, try and provide an example of where you have worked with something similar or related
  • If you don’t have any experiences for a particular criteria mention how you will gain the skills required. For example, attend professional development workshops, study further by taking another course etc.
  • Describing how you meet the Key Selection Criteria ensures employers find out as much information as they can about your suitability for the job. It also helps you to determine if you the necessary requirements for this particular position. 

Examples of Key Selection Criteria

Here is an example of Key Selection Criteria for a Lead Educator - Diploma:

  • Two Year Diploma in Children’s Services or equivalent, from an approved TAFE, or recognised training institution. Current first aid certificate, including resuscitation. 
  • Previous work experience in children’s services is desirable, but not essential. 
  • Demonstrated ability to plan and implement a quality, educational and child centred program, reflective of the Early Years Learning Framework and/or My Time, Our Place.
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain written records, such as observations, evaluations and programs.
  • An ability to work in genuine collaboration with families and an awareness of issues facing families in relation to children’s services 
  • An ability to work as an effective team member and provide leadership and support to educators. 
  • An ability to set and achieve work and program goals, yet, maintain flexibility 
  • A well-developed understanding of theories of early childhood development 
  • A well-developed understanding of the provision of a safe, well planned indoor and outdoor learning environment 
  • Knowledge of the National Quality Framework, relevant Government Acts and regulations, and the ECA Code of Ethics and the rights of the child. 
  • Must possess an enthusiastic attitude towards the care and education of young children.
  • Must serve to promote social justice and equity by demonstrating an attitude of acceptance and respect for all children and their families. 
  • Must possess a positive attitude to the inclusion of children with additional needs and those of all cultures. 
  • Must possess empathy for the individual needs and desires of the child and their families.
  • Must possess a commitment to working within and promoting the philosophy, policies and procedures of the Centre. 
  • Demonstrated commitment to continuing professional and personal development

Here is an example of Key Selection Criteria for an Assistant Educator

  • Current First aid and resuscitation 
  • Certificate III (Children’s Services) or equivalent or studying towards the required qualification in the required time frame 
  • Experience within children’s services is desirable  
  • Experience within the area of additional needs is desirable  
  • An ability to implement a planned program, reflective of the Early Years Learning Framework and /or My Time, Our Place 
  • An ability to document observations of children’s behaviour and development 
  • An ability to work as an effective team member and to support the Room Leader 
  • An ability to set and achieve work goals, yet maintain flexibility 
  • Well-developed interpersonal oral and written communication skills 
  • An understanding of theories of early childhood development 
  • An understanding of the provision of a safe, well planned indoor and outdoor learning environment
  • An awareness of parenting issues in relation to children’s services.

Are you qualified for the Job?

When applying for a job and responding to the Key Selection Criteria you need to determine if you the most suitable for the job. Ask yourself:

  • Do you meet all or most of the Key Selection Criteria for the job?
  • Do you have the knowledge, skills and abilities for this position?
  • Where do you need to gain more experience or skills for this position?

If you feel that you are the best candidate for the position then by all means apply! 

Don’t forget to:

  • Summarise and provide details on the skills you can offer
  • Highlight your strengths and experiences
  • Detail achievements for previous jobs
  • Address any weakness and what training you are willing to do to gain the necessary skills.  


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