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As your toddler progresses during this stage, Fine Motor Development becomes increasingly important. Not because this helps your toddler become more independent, it's because it is linked to problem solving and cognitive development & learning.

Fine motor skills have improved during this point, with increased concentration and patience. These improvements in fine motor development allow school age children to focus and develop a wider variety of tasks, using their small muscles (especially arts n craft activities).

Preschoolers continued progress with fine motor skills depends on the stimulation and encouragement they receive on a daily basis. Improvements typically occur steadily between this age and preschoolers begin to complete small tasks that they couldn't do earlier. Such as cutting with a knife, holding a pencil correctly etc.

Fine Motor involves the development of the small muscles of the body. The development of small muscles enables infants to carry out actions like grasping small objects. The fine motor skills developed from infancy continues throughout childhood in preparation of fine motor tasks such as writing.

Babies will spend most of their time watching the world around them, taking in information, getting directly involved and often combining both touch and sight which is often referred to as fine motor development.

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