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Ding Dong Bell

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Ding Dong Bell

Ding, dong, bell, 
Pussy’s in the well. 

Who put her in? 
Little Johnny Flynn. 

Who pulled her out? 
Little Tommy Stout. 

What a naughty boy was that, 
To try to drown poor pussy cat, 

Who never did him any harm, 
But killed all the mice in the farmer's barn 

Alternative Lyrics:

Ding dong bell,
Pussy's at the well.

Who took her there?
Little Johnny Hare.

Who'll bring her in?
Little Tommy Thin.

What a jolly boy was that
To get some milk for pussy cat,

Who ne'er did any harm,
But played with the mice in his father's barn.

Hints and Tips:

  • Poster for this nursery rhyme can be found in the Printables section. See: Rhymes Posters  
Created On January 9, 2015
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