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This name chant enables children to sing their name high and sing their name low. This song is also great for transitions. 

This is a classic song where children try to find out "who stole the cookie" by naming each of their friends in the circle. This is a great way to learn friends' names. 

Shakey Shakey

Category Rhymes and Songs

This name chant is an action song where a child is called upon to do an "exercise trick". The child called upon stands up and does a shakey, shakey, shakey dance. shakey shakey.

This simple name chant is a great way to start morning circle time. 

This nonsense song is a great way for children to begin to learn rhyming with their own names. 

A very simple song for children to learn the names of their friends and to feel a sense of belonging within the group.

This circle game is the one that involves a Baby Bear and a thief who steals his honey as he is asleep. Now our cute little Baby Bear is on a mission to find the thief as he is very angry and hungry!

Salt can be used to encourage children to write their names, also a great sensory experience.

Use alphabet letters to learn to spell and recognise names.

Peg A Name

Have children identify the letters in their name for them to spell using pegs.

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