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Shakey Shakey

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Shakey Shakey

This name chant is an action song where a child is called upon to do an "exercise trick". The child called upon stands up and does a shakey, shakey, shakey dance. shakey shakey.

(Child’s name), (child’s name), sick in bed.
Called the doctor and the doctor said.

Come on, (child’s name), you’re not sick.
All you need is an exercise trick.

So stand up and shakey, shakey. shakey.      (Child stands and makes silly motions)
Get down and shakey, shakey, shakey. 
Turn around and shakey, shakey, shakey,      
Sit down and shakey, shakey, shakey.          (Child sits down.)

Hints and Tips:

  • Clap or snap to the beat as you chant.
Created On January 17, 2023 Last modified on Tuesday, January 17, 2023
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