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Encourage children to learn to use their diaphragms and abdominal muscles to control exhalation.

Increase a child's memory and concentration through this simple game.

Water Relay

A relay race using water best for a hot day. 

Keep track of a toddler's vocabulary by using stickers.

A child will learn to aim and throw using wet sponges and a target.

By using tongs a child can strengthen their fine motor skills and hand/eye co-ordination.

Salty Art

Category Art and Craft

Use simple kitchen ingredient 'Table Salt' as part of your Art n Craft experience. Add water colour or food colouring to the salt to create a new medium for children to experience and paint with or to create a work of art.

Recycle It

A simple and easy way to teach a child how to sort and recycle plastic cans and paper.

Peg Races

Develop a child's finger grip and fine motor skills using pegs.

Children will enjoy unwrapping the parcel to see what's inside.

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