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The 7 Wonders Of The World Posters are great for children to understand and to know. They are selected based on their iconic feats involving mankind and are based on statistical, historical and cultural significance. These can be used as a display or to bring about discussion and interest in children.

The Fairytale Posters displays classic well know fairytales. These can be used as part of a Fairytale theme or displayed in the reading nook. These posters depict the main characters of the story with bright and colourful pictures.

The Pancake Recipe Posters provide a step by step picture guide on how to make pancakes. This is great to refer to when teaching children to make pancakes. This can also be used as a display within the room and great for Pancake Day.

Hearts Colours Posters enables children to learn primary and secondary colours. These can be used in a variety of different hands on learning activities for children for teaching children about individual colours. They can also be used as a display for Valentine's Day.

The I Love You In Different Languages Posters include how to say I LOVE YOU in languages from all over the world. Each poster includes the flag, the country and the phrase on how to say I LOVE YOU. These posters can also be used in displays, for cultural experiences, to enable children to explore cultural diversity.

The following is a birthday display poster.

The Lunar New Year Information Posters provides information on Lunar New Year celebrations. These are great to use as a display or as a discussion point with children.

Lunar New Year is a festival typically celebrated in China and other Asian countries that begins with the first new moon of the lunar calendar. On New Year’s day, family members receive red envelopes (lai see) containing small amounts of money. The origins of the Lunar New Year festival are thousands of years old and are steeped in legends. One legend is that of Nian, a hideous beast believed to feast on human flesh on New Year’s day. Because Nian feared the colour red, loud noises, and fire, red paper decorations were pasted to doors, lanterns were burned all night, and firecrackers were lit to frighten the beast away.

The Bush Tucker Posters detail information on the nutrition bush tucker foods provides to the Aboriginal people. These posters can be used as a display and to start conversations with children on bush tucker.

The Penguin Information Posters provide simple facts on penguins for children to understand. It can be used as a discussion point for children that show an interest in penguins. These posters can also be used in a display.

The Chakra Posters provides information on the 7 main chakras, what they are and explanations for each. Chakras are an area in the body connected with life energy. A chakra vitalizes a physical body and is associated with interactions of a physical or mental nature. 

These posters can be used as a display and used during children's yoga/mediation. 

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