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Victorian Early Childhood Service Sends Free Dinner Home For Families Every Night

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Early Childhood Service Sends Dinner Home For Families Every Night

On TikTok, a Victorian mother shared that her daughter's early childhood service sends home dinner for parents every night. 

 Victorian mum, Amber shared her dinner of roast chicken that was prepared by her daughter's early childhood service, where dinner is sent home to families every night. 

Amber shared that she pays $60 for her daughter's daycare and the cost also includes all the extras centres provide which includes take-home meals. 

“The meals are four-adult portions so we eat two for dinner and then take two to work for lunch the next day. We do have to order a week in advance because not all parents want this service even though it is no additional cost.”

Amber also explained that the meals are prepared by chefs in a commercial kitchen at the daycare centre.

“They spend the whole day cooking for the 120 children – and make breakfast, lunch, all the snacks and also the take-home meal for parents,” she explained. 

Amber also mentioned, "Amazingly, though, you don't even need to attend daycare each day to receive the meal; with Amber receiving meals from her daughter's daycare even when her daughter is home ill". 

If that's still not remarkable enough, Amber shared a video highlighting all the goodies she gets for free.

"They offer a formula as their first offering. Simply letting them know which one we like will cause them to purchase it, she claims.

We give out bottles, but they sanitise them every night so we don't have to. Additionally, a cot sheet that is washed every night is provided, along with diapers and wipes.

We only need to bring a sleeping bag, a change of clothes, a hat, a water bottle, and a dummy each day. That's it".

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Last modified on Sunday, May 28, 2023
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