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New Childcare Traineeship Requirements For Services In NSW

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New Childcare Traineeship Requirements For Services In NSW Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

From June 2018, the NSW Department of Industry has released new information regarding Children's Services Traineeships in the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act 2001. This information is important for all Services who have currently employed either Cert 3 or Diploma Trainees at their service.

Please note: We have received clarification from the NSW Department of Industry, Apprenticeships and Traineeships Unit that these changes only apply to School-Based Traineeships only. 

For more information, please read the following: New Requirements For School-Based Childcare Traineeships In NSW

The Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act overrides the requirements of the National Regulations.

The updated requirements for services employing trainees include the trainee:

  • is not left alone with children at any time
  • may be included in any staff to child ratio calculation
  • is not employed as primary contact staff member
  • is not left to close up the facility or be responsible for opening the centre
  • is not to undertake duties outside those directly related to working with children. For example, the trainee is not to undertake other kitchen hand, clerical or general cleaning duties
  • is to be supervised by an appropriate Children's Services worker at all times.
  • The trainee must work to an appropriately qualified mentor/supervisor on site at all times they are in the workplace
  • Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (or earlier equivalent qualification) is the minimum mentor or supervisor qualification
  • If the trainee decides to withdrawal during their probation period and gives notice to the Commissioner of the NSW Department of Industry, the childcare service can deem this to be their resignation.
  • The employer is required to have a risk management policy and procedures guideline in place for staff which includes for staff under 18 years of age.
  • If you hire a person working towards their qualification through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), the Act still applies to them.
  • If you hire a person working towards their qualification through a TAFE or an online institution and NOT hired or signed up as a trainee, these rules do not apply except the age rule.
  • Any employee(s) hired prior to June 2018 are not bound by the age rule.

Please make sure, if you are employing trainees at your service, to understand the new requirements and make the necessary updates and changes if required in order to abide by the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act 2001.

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Last modified on Friday, September 28, 2018
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