Trial as a trainee/working towards diploma or degree position at childcare

Questions on working as a casual. Such as job responsibilities, what to do, finding casual work etc.
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Trial as a trainee/working towards diploma or degree position at childcare

Post by educationstudent » Tue Jul 20, 2021 1:53 am

Hi everyone! I am seeking some good advice for an upcoming trial with a centre. I am a pre-service teacher studying a bachelor in early education, I recently applied at a job which allows students like me to work on a casual basis as an assistant educator however I personally have only worked in osh centres through Randstad education and I’m wondering how I can prepare for this trial, I understand theres more expectations and work to be completed within a centre and I am so excited to start that journey! However with that being said I am more than overwhelmed and stressed :(( I really need this job as it will be so beneficial to my current situation and career in education and childcare. Let me know! Thank you ❤️

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Re: Trial as a trainee/working towards diploma or degree position at childcare

Post by Lorina » Thu Jul 22, 2021 2:21 am

As a casual employed in a childcare centre you would most likely be assisting in the rooms. It's important you introduce yourself to the Educators within your room as well as the children so they know who you are. Take bottle of water, broad rim hat, timesheet, agency id card (if you have one), lunch and maybe some children's books or prepared games that you can use if needed (not necessary but it may come in handy).

Below are some tips and strategies to keep in mind while attending casual work:

Staff and Families

Listen to what your room leader and fellow staffs tell you.
Show initiative.
Greet parents with a smile.
Introduce yourself to families.
During pickups, if the room leader is busy talking to parents briefly about what their child did during the day.
If a parent has questions or concerns about their child, direct them to the room leader.

Personal Attitude

Behave in a mature manner and use appropriate language.
Be polite and communicate clearly.
Have a positive attitude, show interest and enthusiasm.
Respect the centre’s guidelines, follow policies and procedures.
Listen carefully and follow all instructions.
Apply your skills and knowledge where appropriate.
Show initiative.

Dress Code / Personal Hygiene

Follow the dress code. Typically smart casual wear such as black long pants and a polo t-shirt. It some centres a uniform may be provided. Wear a name badge (if provided) and pay attention to your personal hygiene.
Wear a broad brim hat while outside at all times.
Long hair should be tied up and kept out of your face.
Remove dangling earrings.
Cover up tattoos if needed (if they are inappropriate for children).


Be punctual and on time.
Arrive 15 minutes before your due to start.
If you are running late, ring the centre and advise them.
If you are unable to attend it’s best to contact the centre director at the earliest to let them know

Clarifying Matters

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
If you don’t understand something or don’t know what to do ask the room leader.
If you have any concerns or problems speak to the room leader or centre director.

Health and Safety

Wash your hands regularly throughout the day.
Use gloves when handling food, wiping noses etc.
Report any accidents/incidents to a staff member immediately.
Clean up spills etc.
Become familiar with the centre’s health and safety procedures.

Hope this gives you some ideas!


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