nervous about work placement what do I do

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nervous about work placement what do I do

Post by cadence321 » Fri Jun 10, 2022 12:18 am

So I’m 16 & doing work placement at a childcare center and I’ve been there once so far. I was really nervous like really nervous and wasn’t all that sure what to do or say and my mum was like it’s fine just go to the desk lady and say hi my name is (name), I’m here for placement and they’ll tell you what to do. So I went to the desk lady and I said my name and stuff and she was like yep okay let me give you a quick tour. She was like this is that room this is this room, toilets are there etc. We went to the staff room and she made me like write my name, birth date and stuff then she was like here go in this room you can go on your breaks whenever, one for 15 minutes and then like 30 minutes for lunch or something and I’m like ok. Went in, staff member was like hi, I’m blabla you can just yk play with the kids and stuff for now so I was like ok and tried my best to do that. Mind you, I was literally shaking because I was so nervous like what if the kids and staff don’t like me and what if I mess up and stuff. I think I did pretty alright though sometimes I didn’t really know what to do and kind of just stood around for a bit. Idk if it was just me but I felt uncomfortable with the staffs facial expressions toward me, like they’ve been nice to me I guess but idk. There were times when I needed to tell kids no or something but they’d just keep doing it and only listen when one of the other staff tell them to stop & like I felt really nervous, anxious and guilty when a kid bumped his head like 5 minutes after I had left (he’s fine and didn’t bump his head hard). What should I do when a kid cries or hurts themselves, what should I say to them, do I just take them to another staff member and what should I do if a kid is being not nice to another kid? example, this little girl had a balloon and this little boy wanted to play with it too but she wasn’t sharing and she kept saying it’s her balloon and that it’s from her house. I wasn’t really sure what to do or say to her I said that it wasn’t very nice that she wasn’t sharing and that she should share, was that too mean to say to her? btw I ended up finding another balloon to give to them and stuff. Another example is when I was playing catch with these 2 girls and then 2 girls from another room came and took the ball and were like ‘I’d like to see you up here try and get it hmph’ and wouldn’t share or give the ball back. I said that wasn’t very nice and they went into a wood cubby house sort of thing and jumped around like hahaha. Wasn’t really sure what to do so I was just like to the girls I was playing with ‘why don’t we go to that house over there’ and they were like yea okay and went over there. one of the girls soon went off to do something else while the other went with me to make some pretend cakes out of sand with a another kid. I did some cleaning since I was asked to and went home at around 3:30pm. I also didn’t end up taking a break since I was too anxious to go take one and I didn’t bring food anyways. Mum said I have to take breaks so I’m going to take breaks the next time I go. I’m really nervous to go back again idk what I should do. Are they going to put me in the same room as last time or do I get put into different rooms each time? Also is it fine to work at a childcare center even though I’m like ridiculously weak? Like I can try to get stronger but at the moment I’m realllly weak. Also apparently you get paid to do work placement, though if that’s true I don’t know how they’re going to pay me since they don’t have my bank details or anything and haven’t asked for them. Also on my first day of placement I was there from like 9am-3:30pm wasn’t really sure what time I was meant to go or leave so I should probably ask next time idkkkk

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Re: nervous about work placement what do I do

Post by Lorina » Sat Jun 11, 2022 8:41 pm

Hi Cadence,

It's absolutely normal to feel nervous during the work placement. When I started in this industry many many years ago I had no idea what to do as well when I first started and I spent my first few weeks playing with the children, observing, getting to know the children, getting familiar with the routines, supporting the educators in the room etc. It sounds like you're doing just that, which is the best way to start!

Don't worry too much about the children not listening to you - it happens. Kids are smart and they are trying to see what they can get away with, with you. They will always listen to the Educators that they are used to and test the new ones like yourself. Rather than say "no" think of offering choices to get them to do what you want. For example, if a child needs to put on shoes and refuses to you can say something like "do you want to put your shoes on now or should we count to 10 then put your shoes on" or if a child is refusing to lay down at sleep time on their bed you could say something like "do you want to lay down now or jump up and down five times then lay down" etc.

When a kid cries get down to their level ask them that you're going to check if they are ok, ask them where it hurts have a look at it - if you can't see any visible injury give it a little rub and tell them that they are brave and strong then give them a little cuddle and take them to go and play somewhere.

When 2 kids want the same toy, yes you did the right thing you have to try and find another one to give to the child. Children don't particularly like to share especially if they have brought it from their home. If you can't find another one to give then you can say something like "ok let's count to 10 then let Joe have a turn let's count to 10 again and then you can have a go again".

Yes, you definitely have to take a break - it's important to do so otherwise you're going to get very stressed and anxious. Just ask the room leader when you have to take your break or the director.

Also, you don't get paid for work placement it's an opportunity for you to get some hands-on experience.

Listen don't worry so much... it's your first time in the industry and it seems like you're doing good. You will get stronger and more confident as you gain more experience!

Enjoy the week ahead!


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