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Post by Happymum » Sat Dec 11, 2021 4:15 pm

Hey just wondering if anyone can help please.
Let me give a bit of back ground.
We have gone through 3 directors since I started in April we have some very challenging children at the centre.
I mean we get sworn at spat at things thrown at us bitten kicked punched and this can be in one day.
And we have just gone through A and R last week so lots of stressful situations with no help.
I was reported but the the acting director for grabbing one of the children by the wrist which I know is wrong but just grabbed her as she was punching into another child it was sustained so am on a 6 month probation
The other day a child went home and told his mum I grabbed him on the head and it hurt. I didn’t grab him I bumped him and went to rub his head and bumped him again with my bracelet I apologised to him and he didn’t say or do anything. But am wondering if you feel I migh5 get sacked this time. Docs was called in and they just gave me a warning letter about first incident.
I don’t want to leave I love the kids and staff.
Thank you for reading

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Re: Report

Post by Lorina » Wed Dec 15, 2021 6:22 pm

Gosh you have some daily challenges! I would write every single incident down that occurs. From bumping a child on the head with a bracelet or grabbing a child to stop them hurting others. Write everything down... the time, where it took place, the incident, if any other Educators saw as well... just to keep yourself covered.

I don't think you will be sacked but since you're on probation just be careful.


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