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Post by hootabelle98 » Wed Oct 14, 2020 7:40 am

I work in a 15 mth to 2 room we are full nearly every day, I’m the lead educator and my assistant goes through stages of helping plan activities and then for ages will stop helping. I have asked numerous times if she can plan activities and we need more then one activity to do for the toddlers. Most of our toddlers are turning two.

I asked my director for help and she put it back on me like did I ask the right way. And she sure my assistant wants to help plan activities. When I ask for help I get nothing but I’m always the first to help others.

I’m also frustrated because there is no support and So
I’m writing up a new routine and going to give days where she plans activities. It’s also October and I feel like I’m nagging about signing checklists, bathroom checklists, reflective journal. I’m going on leave in two weeks time and when I go back I don’t want or have the time to fix up

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Re: Frustrated

Post by Lorina » Thu Oct 15, 2020 3:08 am

Completley agree that it's extremely frustrating to deal with co-workers who don't put the effort in and making you do all the work. It's unfair and it's tiring.

In regards to planning the activities do you have a program? The program should already list the activities that are planned for the week, so this should make it easier to set up the activities required for the day.

Maybe on Fridays, you could have a mini room meeting for the next week so you and your assistant are on the same page for the week ahead. You could also get a clipboard or a diary for your assistant where you can add the work that the assistant needs to be completed such as reminders to complete checklists before she leaves, making she does reflective journals etc.

You should also sit down with your assistant and asks her what she wants out of her role, what she is comfortable doing etc. and in the meantime, you need to bring up the issues in regards to the checklists etc. You need to be extremely positive when discussing any issues. Just have an open honest discussion so you are both on the same terms also listen to any concerns that she may have and giver her an opportunity to bring matters up.

I hope this gives you some practical advice!

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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