First time Room Leader

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First time Room Leader

Post by lewisclarke7 » Mon Nov 09, 2020 3:26 am

Hey everyone,

So I’ve recently just got a job as a room leader in a new setting. I applied for the same role in my current setting however they said I should remain a practitioner due to lack of experience.

So I applied for a role of a room leader somewhere else and was amazed to have been given the job! The manager was so impressed with me that she offered me a higher pay scale and also said she’d like me to be her deputy manager if I proved myself within the first few weeks. I’ve put the deputy part aside in my head as that is not confirmed so I don’t want to spend time worrying about that.

However, as a first time room leader and the first male educator in their setting, I wonder if anybody has any tips for me?

I’m going to be the Toddler Room Leader and my main experience and strengths are with the Pre-School age, I’m eager to take on this new challenge but want to know any tips for how to adapt my teaching methods to toddler age and any tips on how to lead my team and prove myself worthy to be the future deputy?

My main concern is that due to being 20 years of age and a male in a female dominated industry that certain colleagues, especially older ones will just see me as an easy ride who they can walk over and I don’t want that to happen.

In my previous nurseries I always fit really well into the teams but they always refer to me as “one of the girls” or they say I remind them of their son.

I know I have a strong knowledge of my roles and responsibilities and my knowledge on childcare, but I never seem to get viewed in that way by colleagues.

Help lol

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Re: First time Room Leader

Post by Lorina » Tue Nov 10, 2020 6:12 am


Congrats on your new job role! That's fantastic!

I'm Lorina!

Absolutely love the toddler room! You're going to go on a roller coaster ride! Toddlers are much more energetic and love to test your boundaries.

You can use what you do for Preschoolers but just keep it simple for Toddlers. In the first couple of weeks, I would recommend you get to know each Toddler and their family. Start by building trusting relationships. You could also take note of each child's interests, likes etc, and to start programming according to what you have observed.

Group time should consist of music and movement, puppets or felts, group games such as parachute musical statues and more! Just make it as fun as possible.

You will get the hang of it within a couple of weeks!

You will be fine!

In regards to the other Educators in the centre, this happens whether you're male or female. As a newbie, it takes a while for others to warm up to you, until you feel part of the team but as you bond, you will hopefully fit in.

Good Luck and let me know how it goes!


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