Activity to Improve Children English Pronounciation

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Activity to Improve Children English Pronounciation

Post by star-little » Thu Mar 14, 2019 2:36 pm

When learning a language like English, it is important to learn the correct pronunciation right away, not to correct your pronunciation at some point in the future. Tongue-twisters is a fun way to improve pronunciation and fluency. They are a type of diction or articulation exercise, which helps you learn to speak clearly. They help in memorizing a new word. Its because when your kids do a thing repeatedly it gets imprinted in their brain and then its no longer new.

Tips to use tongue twisters for developing speech
(1) Start reciting the tongue twisters at a slow pace and ensure it is able to be recited clearly
(2) The next step would be to know the tongue twister by heart.
(3) Repeat the tongue twister as fast as possible until it is mastered and able to be recited three times in a row without stumbling.
(4) When one tongue twister is mastered, try another.

We use tongue twisters to improve the child’s constant and vowel sounds. Examples of ‘p’ tongue twisters include: Peter Piper, Pheasant plucker. Examples of ‘s’ tongue twisters include: Seventy seven, Swan Swam.

Learn a few tongue twisters and repeat them several times each day and you will see a noticeable improvement.
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